Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Monday and Tuesday.

Yesterday had my new carpet for the lounge and hall fitted. Big panic as I was sure they were coming between 12 and 6, and they phoned at 10 o'clock to say they were on their way, I only had about half of the stuff out of the living room and needed to vacuum through. Just made it as they arrived. Took them about 2 hours. Very pleased with it. Took me the rest of the day to put all the stuff back in the room really, and sort everything how I wanted it. At least I managed to tidy the jungle of electric cables behind the tv so that they can't be seen now and everything got dusted properly!

Today woke up with a killer headache, took some paracetemol after I'd eaten some cereal, got dressed and went and did my birds, sat down with a coffee, and felt so rough I went back to bed until 1 o'clock. I think it was the fumes from the new carpet plus all the aerosol spray they used to fix the carpet down. Anyway, went to town this afternoon and did a bit of shopping. Bought a table and two chairs from Argos, supposed to be a breakfast bar, but it is going in the living room, not room in the kitchen, and it will double as a table to eat at and the budgie's cage stand, lol. It was flat pack, and had fun putting it all together, but actually, no it went well, and I only swore once! So tonight, I ate my meal sitting at a table for the first time in years, and looking out into the garden at the birds feeding, it was great! Maybe I won't get so much indigestion now, sitting upright instead of hunched up on the settee with a tray on my lap, and normally leaning forward looking at this laptop at the same time, lol. I don't want to be eating on my new leather sofa when it arrives either.

Weather hasn't been too bad this past two days, we've had some heavy showers, but it's been pretty warm and sunny too, it's actually more like April than April was, so maybe next month will be like May, and then we will have summer in September? No harm in hoping.

Anyway, had the webcam on just now and two hoggies were here, one is very scared of the other one, and just hovers under the chair until No 1 Hog has finished eating, before he or she will go to the dish. All very civilised! So I waited until they'd both gone and went out to see if there was anything left, and No. 2 Scaredy Hog was still in the porch. I did a double take because I really thought it was Ryan. It appeared to have a funny nose like his. If anyone had seen me, they would think I was completely mental (no comment) I was kneeling down in the wet, with slugs all around me, getting as near as I could to see his nose and talking away to him! Anyway, couldn't really tell, so dashed in and got my proper camera and took a couple of shots, and am now disappointed because it's peanut skin stuck on his nose! What a wally!

Now of course when I should normally be going to bed I'm not in the least tired because of being asleep all morning. Oh dear.


cmk said...

SO dang cute I can't stand it! :)

oldcrow61 said...

Aw Jan, what a beautiful hog. One of the best pictures I've seen. Sounds like the living room is coming along well. How nice to be able to sit and eat by the window and watch the birds.

Mary said...

Lovely photos of the HedgeHog! isn't it mice to have new carpets and furniture. We had our main room redecorated and new carpets this year . it was fun rearranging everything afterwards>