Saturday, 21 July 2007

Henllan - a year on

It wasn't raining this morning hooray hooray! I needed to go to Newcastle Emlyn to get a couple of things from the pet shop, so thought I'd take Emma round the castle. I left at about 12.20. By 12.30 it was chucking down. So instead, I did my shopping and thought I'll go to Henllan instead because it's under the trees mainly and we won't get too wet. Ho ho, what a mistake. Well we didn't get the top of us too wet I guess, but the rest of the walk was ubelievable. I've never seen the river that violent, the noise was incredible, there were four trees down, blocking the pathway, the last one of which I decided enough was enough, and turned back before I got to the field like I normally do. They had just slid down the side of the hill. So sad to see trees that were around 100 years old ending up like that, top of them laying in the river. There looked to be another few about to go over too. And I nearly crapped myself at one stage when I heard that awful creaking and splintering sound and I looked about me to see if some branch was about to come crashing down on us! What there was of the path was under water in a few places, I had my ankle wellies on, but the water soaked up about a foot up my jeans. Emma got plastered, and was very confused as to why she couldn't go in the water, but was happy enough to go in the deep puddles. When I got back I looked, and I actually went there exactly a year ago today, so I've posted the pictures from then as a comparison. What a lovely summer. I'm sitting here freezing with two sweaters on, the hall rad is on, and I've just lit the gas oven in the kitchen to try and get some heat around the place. Its 13c outside and still pissing down. Oh and a year ago yesterday, I did the blog entitled "A fab day at the Beach" Not a happy bunny!

The water right up to the edge of the path, Emma asking if she can go in! No way!

Last year's -

I took this one stood in the middle of the river in 6 inch deep water. Today it's about 5 feet deep and flowing at about 100 mph!


oldcrow61 said...

Wow! I don't say you are a happy bunny.

checkoutgirl said...

awww your doggy is so beautiful! Hope you don't get rained on too much!!
Thank you very much for linking to my blog, I would return the favour but xanga seems incapable of doing it properly and cuts the end off links, as soon as I figure out how to work it properly I will put you in there :) hope you're good. Take care :) checkoutgirl x