Monday, 30 July 2007


He's safe! He came before 10 oclock, only ate a few raisins and ran off within a minute or two, so I wasn't convinced, because my normal hog usually eats the peanuts first. Anyway, he's just come back, and was eating the peanuts and drank a lot, as does my one, so I went out, and it was him, because he smells like a cowpat! And he doesn't cower up when I go and speak to him. However, I did have two coming of course, so it could still be one of mine that has been runover.

Got my little mouse here now too, dashing back and forth, very cute. Must go to bed though, will sleep better knowing he's still safe.

There's an amazing full moon out there tonight. It's cold though, definitely feels like October already. The hogs will be getting confused if it stays like this and be thinking of hibernating I reckon. It dropped to 5c again last night, and I doubt it's more than that out there now. Bloody weather.


Anonymous said...

Oh what a worry these hoggies are, so glad it was nt yours, but still sad for the one that died, like you say, no need for them to get run over, good drivers will look out for them, but not so many about which is sad.

Anna said...

So glad it wasn't your hoggy!

Poor thing, getting squished.

oldcrow61 said...

Happy to hear that hoggy is back. It's the same here with some drivers, they will try to run down an animal on the road.

Mary said...

Glad to here you little hedgehog is sad to see them squashed on the road. here in the new Forest many ponies and other animals get killed on the roads each year as local drives speed through the Forest at night. Sadly most of them keep going and leave animals to die in pain.