Thursday, 19 July 2007

Update on the sofa from hell

Okay, the update on this morning's fiasco. All credit to ScS, their customer service is good (well so far anyway) A guy rang me within about 20 minutes to find out the problem. I told him (a) why it wouldn't come in through the front door (b) it's a council place and no I can't take out the window (c) my old sofa is now wet and (d) the council have been booked and paid to come and take it away! He said all they could do would be to offer me an alternative, they don't do refunds! Well I didn't really want to go through all that again anyway, I liked THAT sofa. I wanted THAT sofa. So the only solution seemed to be to go for a two-seater, which is apparently 15 inches shorter and should go through the bloody door (I've just actually measured the height of my doorway, and it's an inch taller, but of course it's the depth of the sofa too, but I think it should be okay.) In the light of (c) and (d) the guy said he would see if they had stock in the warehouse and call me back, so that I wouldn't have to wait 10 to 12 weeks! He rang me within about 5 minutes to say that the store Manager had agreed that I could have the one in the shop (the two seater) display model for the same price, and they would ship it out to me straight away! Well that will mean next Thursday again I guess, and I am supposed to be receiving a phone call to confirm this, nothing so far though, but I am at least hopeful. I think they've been very fair, and I can't praise them enough really, because the two seater in the shop is actually £220 more than the sofa I've had to send back,and had I had to pay the full price, it would have been very borderline for me, cost-wise. And there wasn't any mention of another delivery charge, so keeping my fingers crossed about that too. I just won't be able to receive more than one visitor at a time then, lol, but then I can't think of the last time that happened anyway! I actually think the smaller one will look nicer anyway, it will make the room look a bit more spacious perhaps.