Monday, 30 July 2007

Fingers crossed and praying for tonight

I am uterley heartbroken. Today, when I pulled out of my road to go to Pat's, there is a hedgehog squashed, right level with my house but on the main road. Last night, my hog came at just after 10 o'clock, like normal, ate a bit, then went off. He always comes back sometime during the night because the dish is always devoid of peanuts in the morning, in fact devoid of all the other stuff normally. At 7 am when I looked this morning, it hadn't been touched. I am just praying that it wasn't my little hog. It upset me all afternoon. Yesterday, on my journey to and from Llanelli, I saw four squashed ones. One was a tiny one, only just out of the nest I should think. And it was 2 inches from the side of the road. Some bastards are deliberately running these over, I am sure. I mean, it's not like they dash across the road and are unavoidable like squirrels, rabbits or birds. They freeze in the headlights, and on our quiet roads at night, it is perfectly possible to avoid running them over. The one on our road is right on the white line in the centre of the road, the road is wide. No need at all for a car wheel to be there. Sickened beyond belief. Please let my little one come for his food tonight. :(

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Karen said...

Oh Jan, I do hope it's not your little hoglet that's been run over.