Thursday, 12 July 2007

Oh no, I don't believe this!

Anyone remember this from last year, the escaped Lovebird that I managed to catch and return to the owners? -

Well I was sitting here having a cuppa at 5.30, looked up at the window, and did a double take. Rambo the Lovebird, was sitting up on the line looking in at me! I rushed out and called and he was chirping away at me, then flew into the oak tree. I kept calling his name and he was answering. It's definitely him. He has flown off now away down the village, but he used to do this last year too. I can't bear this, it was so upsetting last year, knowing that there is a sparrowhawk paying frequent visits. The tree that he used to sit in and roost has been lopped now. I don't think I've got a chance in hell of catching him again. And can you believe how bloody careless are the young couple to have lost him again? I haven't still got their phone number either, been searching. To be honest, I hope he doesn't come back, and that I don't have to worry about it again. It makes me so sad. If I did have the luck to catch him, I've a mind to keep him, if they can't look after him properly. It's EXACTLY a year and three days since I captured him. Can you believe it?

Well this is rushed, as I have to go to the wind farm meeting now, so not sure what time I'll be back.

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Mary said...

Oh I do hope someone manages to capture rambo and he survives. I hope the wind farm meeting went well.