Friday, 13 July 2007

Friday the 13th

Well nothing awful has happened I suppose, that's about all can be said for it! It has now torrented down with rain for at least 12 hours, and I mean chucked, very heavy rain. It was raining when I got up in the night, and it hasn't stopped. I had the doctors first thing, then decided to just go to Tesco to save the weekend crowds, only needed some veggies and bits and bobs. Ended up spending £51! Well, it meant I got to use my £6 off coupon, and I also got the 5p off fuel coupon too, so will wait till the tank is nearly empty again. It saved me around £3 on the last fill.

Well the only other things of note are : (1) no sign of Rambo, but hardly surprising if he's gone any sense he's either gone home or is sheltering somewhere dry, but then I suppose if he'd been around, I wasn't here to see him.
(2) Emma gave the poor squirrel the fright of his life this morning, he was in the porch eating, and I forgot to check when I opened the door to let her out... he just made it through the fence! Hasn't put him off though, he was out in the garden again just now, I took some stuff out for him and showed him where I'd put it, but he's not taking any chances and has gone! (3) Took Emma round the reservoirs for a walk and she got soaked, I didn't too badly because of the trees, apart from my feet, the path was under two inches of water in some places. Loads of fields are flooded. Just when it was getting dry enough to cut the lawn .... (4) I had a word with the son of the old lady next door this morning. I had to do something, I don't want to upset her, she is only being kind, but she keeps giving Emma huge biscuits, and she will get so fat, it won't do her heart murmur a lot of good. I let her out for a wee earlier, and she came running back in with a denta-stik thing within seconds. The old girl is waiting for me to open the door I think. Same when I got home yesterday, I'd hardly got out of the car, and she was there with a biscuit for her. Very sweet of her but irritating all the same. Anyway, all is well, when I got home she came out and said she understood, and was okay about it. Phew.

Well thats the exciting day today, apart from one other thing, but I'm not sure I'm ready to fess up about that, I'll have to think about it.


oldcrow61 said...

Fess up, come on fess up. I'm dying to know what it's all about. I expect Emma is waiting to get her little paws on the laptop to write about the biscuit lady and mummy saying "No More". lol

Pete said...

fess up

Mary said...

Yes no keeping secrets!

Anonymous said...

Lets hear it Jan, stop teasing now.

Karen said...

Come on Jan, I can't bear not knowing things LOL. I've been catching up with your blog - sorry I've not been leaving comments this week, I just don't know where the time goes! Glad you rescued the little frog, they are such dear little creatures. The new sofa will be lovely I'm sure, comfy for you and Emma. And a brilliant bargain too!
I love your swan pics from the lake you found.
Sorry about the little love bird, I hope it's ok. People are careless but also accidents do happen to the best of us.
I have a couple near me that give the dogs biscuits whenever we meet - fortunately it's not very often or I would have to say something and I don't want to hurt their feelings.