Tuesday, 10 July 2007


It's funny what you find in your front porch at 7 o'clock in the morning. I was going to do this first thing, but ran out of time, and have been so busy today. Am now shattered and about to go to bed but thought I'd best do it now before I don't bother at all!

At first I thought awww how cute, he's found himself a little pond. (It's the hog's water dish) but then I realised he couldn't get out! The sides were too slippery, he was struggling poor little thing, wonder how long he'd been in there. I took him out and popped him onto my rubber lizard in another water dish! When I looked about 10 minutes later, he'd gone, bless.

I finished the decorating in the hall today. It took me from 10 oclock till 2 to do the painting. I thought it would only be about an hour! Can't wait for the carpet to come now. I'm off to look at sofas tomorrow, I thought about ordering online from one of the catalogues or eBay but I really want to sit on one first, comfort is more important I think than getting something cheap, after all, I spend a lot of time sitting on my bum, it's got to feel right!


Anonymous said...

Please show some photos of the sofa and the painted hallway. and how is your new neighbor? By the way, I do love that chicken. Does he come in the house? Funny thing, the other day I saw a bicylist with a fancy form fitting shirt with your nemesis: modern windmills!

cmk said...

Cute frog!

By the way, if you do memes, you have been tagged!

Jan said...

anonymous: I'll do photo of the hall once I have the new carpet, it looks awful at the moment with horrible brown lino tiles! New neighbour only moved in two days ago, hard to tell, she's very quiet anyway, no noise at all, but she is hard to understand, her accent is very strong, and she keeps giving Emma huge bonio biscuits, I have to find a way of stopping her without upsetting her, she is only being kind, but Emma will get too fat. And Diddy is banished from the house for the time being, he was in all winter, but is back up in his own pad now, till the weather turns again. That doesn't mean he isn't trying to get in though, if I leave the back door open, he's in like a shot! And Grrrrrrrrr don't mention wind farms!

cmk: what's a meme? So it would appear that no I don't! Sorry haven't a clue, I've seen the term on other blogs, but don't understand. I can't see anything about a tag on here?

Mary said...

What a cute little froggie.

oldcrow61 said...

Aw, what a sweet frog. Happy you were around to save the little fellow. Hope you can find a great sofa, yes, comfort is important.

cmk said...

Jan, a meme is just a post that has 'rules' to it. You go to the other person's blog--the one who 'tagged' you (as in 'you're it')--and the rules will be posted. Then you answer the question or whatever on your blog. The meme I tagged you for is the 8 random facts about yourself. They are just fun and help when one has writer's block. :)