Thursday, 10 May 2007

Wet Thursday

This morning started quite bright and a bit of blue sky and sunshine, so stupidly, I put my washing out on the line. Within half an hour it started to pee down, so grabbed that in and hung it over the bath. I love wasting my time. Decided that I wasn't going to spend another day stuck here like yesterday, so phoned Irene to see if she wanted a trip to Cilgerran with one of the dogs. I needed to top up with some stuff from the pet supplies. So went over to hers for lunch, then we set off. She took Ayra, and it was a bit muddy to say the least but we didn't get wet really, as most of the walk is sheltered under the trees. We did the entire length from Cligerran Castle to Llechryd Bridge, and I managed to get a different photo of the area for a change, of the bridge and from the bridge. Nice pair of swans. On the way back, woo hoo, we saw a Kingfisher! Quite made our days. Fabulous sight, even though very fleeting. Quite a walk though, we got there about 2.15 and didn't get back to the car until 4.45! Just made it to Dog Food Daves for my seeds. Time I got back home tonight it was 6.40! Diddy had already put himself to bed, bless him, I'd left him in the back porch and kitchen before I went, he didn't want to go out again. Bit worried about him actually, he's not eating very much lately, although I suppose when he's outside he is pecking around and getting things other than seeds. He seems okay in himself though, but he is nine years old now, very old for a little 'un.

Oh well wonder what the weather has instore for us tomorrow. Sick of the cold and wet now, I have got my heating back on about half power, but still had to put the gas oven on in the kitchen for a while tonight to try and warm the place up a bit, and my electric fire on in the living room. Grrrr, bloody climate here.


oldcrow61 said...

My old hen is about 9 years old as well and I've noticed she has slowed down some and isn't eating as much.

Karen said...

Beautiful river pic.

I hope you'll forgive my cheek but I've tagged you. For what this means visit my blog

Of course you don't have to join in but it's quite good fun.

Anonymous said...

"pee down", "top off" - I love it!