Sunday, 20 May 2007


Friday went food shopping with Irene. Day started wet and miserable, but did brighten up in the afternoon, long enough to take Emma round the park anyway. Highlight of the day was watching a pair of Song Thrushes going in and out of a bush I have up near my greenhouse with nesting materials. Had a quick look when they weren't around, and a perfect little nest is sitting snuggly in the thickest part. Still a worry to me though, because it's only about 4 feet off the ground, and that was the bush that the horrible cat kept lurking under last year. I've moved my ultrasound cat scarer thing up there just in case.

Yesterday was so windy, I hate it, I couldn't bear to be outside more than necessary, we actually had a short sharp fall of hailstones in the morning! I felt so cold, how ridiculous, but its getting near the end of May, and I had to wear two fleeces and a jacket when I took Emma to the park! Came back and watched the Cup Final all afternoon, then it was my night of best tv, Dr Who, finding a Joseph, and a Danny and Sandy for Grease! Highlights of the day were seeing a GSW (Woodpecker) on a tree in the park, took a photo but too far away to be nice enough to put here. Best highlight by far though was my hoggy came back last night, late, I was just thinking about going off to bed actually, had enough of sitting on the sofa for one day, and there he/she was. It is the same one that was here earlier, I could see the white paint fairly clearly, although I didn't go out and disturb it again, I was afraid that was why it went off before. I wonder where it's been all this time! I had an inkling one was back, because the peanuts have all disappeared most mornings now, and I don't think my mouse could manage that many! This one only seems to like peanuts too, the other food isn't being eaten, and I tried with cat food earlier and it didn't touch that either, neither did it last summer. Just checked the dish and all peanuts gone! Bloody cold out there though, at 6,50am it was only 3c! I've just looked on the weather forecast, and we have minus 2c forecast for Monday night. How delightful. :(

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oldcrow61 said...

Aw, what a darling little hog. So glad he/she has come back.