Saturday, 26 May 2007

Teifi Marshes Nature Reserve

Went and picked up Irene and Ffion and we went across to Cilgerran today. The weather was dry at least, and the sun came out a few times, but definitely colder than of late, we didn't need coats though. Had a long walk round the part of the reserve which is boarded across the reed beds for a fair bit of it, I guess we did a couple of miles or more. This route takes us past the new hide they are building to view the water buffalo. Heard, and actually saw a chiff chaff, took a photo, he was way up in a tree, but at least I got one of the bugger for a change! Also saw a beautiful damsel fly, wanted to get one of it in flight, but it wasn't having any so had to get a few shots of it resting. After that, had some lunch sitting out at the picnic tables and looking across toward Cardigan, then another shorter walk down to the river itself, where there were plenty of geese in attendance.

My eyes are still rubbish, were streaming all day again, and are killing me now so time I went to bed I guess and gave them a rest. It will mean another trip back to the doctors I guess if I can get in on Tuesday. Sigh. I think it must be allergies. I did take piriton today though to be honest, they didn't work either really. There's just constant stuff coming out of my tear ducts on both eyes. In fact, this morning when I went up to the bird feeders, because it was windy, my eyes were practically spurting water, a bit like the Paul Gascoigne/Walkers Crisp ad if anyone remembers! Not funny really. It's getting me down a bit really.

Tomorrow looks like it will be a day indoors, the weather forecast is just awful, heavy rain, max temps 8c, feels like 4c! Ridiculous. Can only hope they will be wrong. Oh well, got the double whammy episode of Lost to look forward to at 10 oclock, doesn't finish till midnight though! And I've got Doctor Who to watch also as didn't get time tonight.


Anonymous said...

I ve been to the Reserve a few times, they have lovely walks, and loads of wildlife, I like Cilgerran, its very pretty up that way.
Hope your eyes are better soon. Pauline.

Pete said...

its a beautiful demoiselle i think

Mary said...

I could watch Dragonflies and damselle flies for ages, alas they very rarely stay still enough to photograph.
If its any consolation it is cold and wet here as well.

oldcrow61 said...

Cold and wet here as well. Sorry to hear that your eyes haven't cleared up yet. Must be awful. Great pictures by the way.