Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Tuesday - Newcastle Emlyn/Wednesday - Ferryside

Yesterday, met Pat and Ben in Newcastle Emlyn for a walk round the Castle, and then we had lunch at the little cafe over the bridge where you can sit with the dogs outside and look at the river. Had a lovely salad, weather was overcast again though and tbh I sat there and was cold. Took a photo on the bridge, there was a proud mummy duck and her five very large baby ducks. Came home and did a bit of housework and cut the front grass. Sun came out about 7 oclock so sat in the porch and ate my tea. Getting fed up with the greyness again though. Got another good Great Tit pic, getting him to come even closer on the patio table, just across from me. :)

Today went to Tesco to get a few bits, then I had to go back to Morrisons as I had been overcharged when I went there on Friday, that will teach me not to check my bill before I leave. The lady was great though, and gave me a refund. I was going to take Emma just round the lakes, but as the sun (yes, that illusive item that is a bright colour up in the sky sometimes) came out, I thought I'd go onto Ferryside for a change, its only another 15 mins down the road. Had our lunch in the car (I'd taken a tuna salad thing and an apple) went for our walk, non-stop trains coming through but Em didn't seem as bothered as normal. She went in the water (it's an estuary, but the tide was in) came out covered in sludge! Great. Had to walk her round to the front bit and into the large rock pool to rinse off a bit. I didn't bother with any photos today, I've taken so many there before. As usual, there was a gale blowing too, I would hate to live down there, it's always, always windy and about 5 degrees colder than anywhere else. I don't know why I go there actually, I suppose it's because it's convenient. Really weird too, fog started drifting in up the estuary from the sea, and people were kind of disappearing like phantoms!

Okay, now to the sad bits. I have baby greenfinches in the garden, took a photo the other night of one, well there are three of them, and they are all sick. Poor little devils, they all have the dreaded tricho by the looks of things, all puffed up, seeds stuck all over their beaks, eyes half closed. It's bloody breaking my heart. Also was a male Chaffinch out there earlier in the same state. I don't know what to do, but think I may stop feeding the sunflower hearts for a while. At this moment the feeder is empty and lots of disappointed little faces keep coming to look. I still have peanuts up and wild bird seed up the top feeding table. And I keep putting out a few raisins and suet pellets. But I never had this problem here until I started feeding sunflower hearts. But then I guess I didn't have finches coming either.

And finally, I'm not very well either. Nothing tragic, but something very annoying and its getting me down now. I have had a bad eye on and off for about three weeks, my left one. Constantly feeling there is something in it, like an eyelash, can never see anything though, been using all sorts of drops, eyewashes, seen a chemist and got given something, well nothing seems to work. Its streaming virtually all day, and when I wake up in the morning, my eye is dried right out. Well yesterday, it spread to the other eye. So I bought some allergy pills today, work within 15 minutes. Yeah right. As usual, tablets rarely work on me. Well it did eventually after three hours, my eye stopped running, but I felt like death. Came home and had to go to bed, made me feel very light headed, dizzy, sick, and so drowsy. I can't ever take pills, it makes me so annoyed. Feel a bit better now, but the effects have worn off of course, so now my eyes are running again. If it's hay fever, why now? I've never had it before, not to this degree any way. Sigh, I guess yet another trip to the doctors. Fed up. Very fed up.


oldcrow61 said...

Jan, you really should get those eyes checked out. Just in case it isn't allergies. Maybe something can be done for it. Great pictures by the way.

Pete said...

get to the quack

hope you get better soon

Karen said...

Get checked out by the doc, but don't be surprised if it is hay fever! It can start at any age, bad news is that once you've got it, it rarely goes away again. The pills I take (which are meant to be the non sleepy kind), make me feel like a zombie!

Anna said...

Hope your eyes are okay Jan, hopefully it's just an infection or something and it will be sorted out soon.

Definitely go and see the doc, eyes are not worth taking chances with.