Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Tuesday - Pat's

Today was okay too weather-wise, certainly warmer, but it had rained overnight so everywhere was soaking wet. The grass has grown so much because of all the rain, in some places it's over 8 inches high. I am dreading doing it once it gets to this length, I must seriously consider getting someone in to do the bad bits, I can cope with the back and front, but the main bit is just too much for me. Anyhow, so the grass cutting was out, so phoned Pat to say I'd be over.

Took the dogs for a walk up the road, the woodland we sometimes go to would have been too wet and slippery at the moment. Came across a very aggressive caterpillar. I went to pick him up to put him out of harm's way and he went for me! Lol. He was really nasty, tried to bite me, haha. Little bugger. Well decided to leave him and hope a bird didn't get him!

Managed to get a few nice pictures through Pat's patio doors, so unfair, she has a baby robin, I saw it being fed by mummy or daddy. None here yet. I also stopped and took a couple of pics of the scenery on the journey from Pat's to here, the views are magnificent across the valley, I've often wanted to get some before, but it's often too hazy to get anything half decent.

Well I shall post my photos now and get to bed. I woke up at 5.30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so only had just over 5 hours last night, and I feel wrecked after the driving and excitement of yesterday!


Karen said...

The Robin is so cute, but I don't I would refer to Mr. Caterpillar in the same words! I'm not keen on them and now you tell me they can bite!LOL It's a good photo though.

oldcrow61 said...

It's so lush and green there, very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

We have countryside very much like that here, western Pennsylvania for example. Lovely.

Anna said...

Your robins had better get a move on, my Mr Robin's had two lots of chicks already!

I saw one of the second brood yesterday, so cute!

Anonymous said...

Just been looking at the news and saw a bit about a caterpillar that looks a lot like the one you posted here, could nt play the video of it as I hav nt got the player, what do you think?.Pauline.

Jan said...

I can't find anything from that link Pauline, its just the BBC home news page. :(

Anonymous said...

It was on the front page, but they must have taken it off, they were saying about the Brown tailed moth, caterpillar looked a bit like yours, found another site that has it on.
sounds like they are not good to have in the garden, did nt know there were moths that can be harmful. Pauline.

Jan said...

Ah yes, got it that time Pauline, thanks. I haven't seen any like that in my garden though, the one I took the pic of was crossing the lane about half a mile from Pat's so won't have been doing a lot of harm up there if it was the same species.