Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Something funny and something sad

Not much to blog today really, I had an appointment at my Bank first thing to see a customer services advisor, just to see if I was happy with my account and if I was doing the best with my money! Haha that's a laugh, well anyway, I ended up starting a cash isa thingy, which when it was explained to me, thought it was a good idea, going to be saving on a regular basis. She couldn't help me with anything else though, not interested in a credit card, been there, done that, and don't want to be in debt again, I hate owing money, even a couple of quid. Also they can't compete with Tesco for my home contents insurance (who can frankly??? ) so that was it. Was there half and hour, and came out with a splitting headache. How can people work under those artificial lights and with air conditioning humming? It would kill me.

Went across to Irene's for lunch, and we walked the dogs round three of her fields. Weather forecast wrong again, no rain at all, but very windy and pretty chilly so didn't fancy going anywhere else.

On the way home I stopped to check what I had feared I saw on the way there this morning. I was right. It was a poor dead Tawny Owl on the road. It had its head smashed, so at least death would have been instant, its eye was hanging out. Sorry about that, but I have a pretty strong stomach for things like that I guess. I picked him up and carried him across the road and "buried him" beneath lots of undergrowth, so that nothing else would end up dead trying to feed on him. Poor little bugger.

The funny thing? Well I have a little window feeder on my living room window. There was a Starling perched on it eating earlier, and my budgie went down on the windowsill inside, and said "Coochie" to it! I fell about laughing! The Starling peered over the top and was looking at him, then carried on scoffing, as Chippy was having a great conversation with it!

Well it looks like the promised rain has at last started, it's peeing down right now and I have relented and let Diddy Boy in. He has several places to shelter outside but will he? Not likely, just stands at the back door looking miserable. So he's now at my feet here pooing all over the rug. Sigh. The things I let myself in for....

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oldcrow61 said...

I can just picture Chippy talking to the Starling. Must have been so funny.