Sunday, 27 May 2007

A wet Sunday in March

...oh no hang on, it's the end of May, silly me. The months are getting me really muddled now. April was like June, and May has been like March. It's wet, windy and cold out. Still, I've not been too bothered. I cleaned out the guinea pigs and chippy and diddy boy as I would normally do today anyway, and I've been having my work cut out keeping up with the demands of my FOUR robins! Yes, there's four, two pairs, and on occasion three of them were coming to be fed out of the living room window with the meal worms and suet pellets! Little monkeys, so cute. Bouncer is one of them, my tame one, he will come within 6 inches of my hand on the window sill whilst I still had the window open, but the others keep their distance until I back away. They have been appearing every ten minutes or so and flying off with mouthfuls, so both sets obviously have babies in the nest. Can't wait to see some little spotty ones here, they are so cute. I've just had to get up in the middle of this because one of them came and glowered at me through the window because there's no food out there again, lol.

I popped out to Pets at Home to buy some more pellets, and I've bought a tub of dried worms, not sure if they will like them so much, but it will make me feel a bit less queasy, I am soaking some in a dish of water to see if they re-hydrate a bit and look a bit more alive!

Anyway, Emma managed to get a walk after all, I took her round the reservoirs, was quite sheltered so didn't get too wet. I only had my Nokia with me, wasn't expecting to walk at all given the conditions. Found a dead frog on the path - something had a go at it and just left it, what a waste of a poor little life.

Yesterday, it was Water Buffalo, today, just plain old black cows, sheltering from the rain, and yes, they were laying down.

Who are you looking at!


Karen said...

Jan, I know exactly what you mean, I;ve just taken Taivas for a short walk - in my big winter coat and I was shivering!

oldcrow61 said...

lol, you sound as cynical as I am about the weather. Nice cows.