Monday, 7 May 2007

Bank Holiday Monday

So much for weather forecasts. Apart from a tiny few spots of drizzling rain first thing, it's been quite pleasant. It looks like they've changed their minds and tomorrow we are in for the deluge and the gales. There's been quite a lot of blue sky and sunshine, the wind is picking up a bit now though. I wanted to go to Pets at Home, had run out of some bird food, so wasn't that bothered about the weather being rough, but as it turned out so nice, I took Emma to Green Castle Woods, and guess what I took pictures of? Yep, more bluebells! This is THE place for bluebells, out of all the other walks I've done lately, but they are on their way out, the rain had flattened quite a lot of them too, and normally they are only just coming into bloom at this time in May. Anyway, it was lovely in there, and I could actually smell some this time. Sunny, warm and sheltered. I saw a butterfly with really badly damaged wings, but it was flying about okay strangely enough. I think it's a speckled wood but not entirely sure. Some of the views from up there on a clear day are great too once you come out of the woods.

Had a bite to eat at MacDonalds (yes Emma had some chips...) and then came back and cleaned out the guinea pigs and Chippy, GPs had to make do with a run round in the living room today, too cold for them to go out sadly. One of my robins was waiting for me as soon as I got back home with the suet pellets. (Tic) They love them, I caught the Magpie on the windowsill a while ago too, digging into the pot, no chance of a photo of course, gone in a flash.

Sat and watched last night's episode of Lost, wow that programme gets better and better, that was one of the best ever things I've watched in my life. I so love that show, can't wait for next week now. :) Time to do the pets' grub now and then I have speedway to watch tonight, lovin' my tv lately..... (how sad lol)


oldcrow61 said...

The woods are wonderful Jan. Makes my heart sing just looking at the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures Jan, love the bluebells, so pretty. Pauline.