Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Wednesday, the heatwave continues

Firstly, an apology. To my two dear friends who I feel I have let down by backing out of going to Boo's funeral. I am so sorry, but I just can't manage it. There are so many reasons and if I were to list them all it would sound like a real whinge, but the obvious one is how traumatic it will be, I've only ever been to about 4 in my life. The thought of the journey to and from on my own too is daunting, and I have been worrying and panicking all week about getting stuff ready to take, what to wear, getting the pets looked after, will the car be all right, etc etc and I have taken the easy way out as usual. I feel terrible about it but that's who I am, I'm a thinker and a dreamer, but rarely a doer, that's why I am single. My thoughts will be with you all at 12 o'clock on Friday though, please don't think I just don't care, because I do. Sandra was a lovely, lovely lady, and I am sad as hell about her passing away.

So now onto my exciting life. Well, yesterday I went to the doctors first thing to get all my results and a couple of things that had been worrying me sorted. She thinks I am still suffering the after effects of the chicken pox, calling it post viral stress, and some people can still have the virus in their systems for up to two years! Hopefully mine will go a bit sooner, anyway I have to go back in 6 weeks to see how I am then, and get my other problem re-checked. After that I went with Irene and Sian and Emma for a nice walk at Henllan, didn't take any pics as have done so many before. Irene loved it, so did Sian, and then we sat outside at the riverside cafe and had a ploughmans lunch.

Came home intending to do some cleaning but just couldn't be bothered in the end, and instead took some photos outside, I managed at last to get the elusive Red Kite, although not a brilliant photo, he/she was right overhead about 25 feet up at one time, fantastic. Got 4 Collared doves outside the living room window too, within 6 feet of me, they couldn't see me behind the glass, closest I've ever been to them. Also got a couple of shots of the local bumble bee ( I say singular, because they are few and far between at present) My first Swifts arrived here last night too, a pair zipping overhead, a wonderous sight, means that summer is officially here! Took some scenery pictures too.

Today I cuprinoled the one fence panel that won't have to be replaced up the back garden, and two sides of my top shed that I've not bothered with since it moved here from my last place 7 years ago, was looking a bit bare and don't want that rotting away on me. Cut the front grass, but it's just too hot to do anything else. I took Emma over the field and woodland across the road, couldn't be bothered to get the car out today, it's quite good over there when it's dry but gets a bit muddy and boggy otherwise so don't go there too often. It's been so hot today, even I couldn't actually just sit out in it, I took a book out to read, but had to give up after about 15 minutes, I was dripping. I love this weather, but am getting a bit fed up with having to water all my tubs..... no pleasing me. I'm going to drag the hosepipe round here tonight, sick of the watering can back and forth about 10 times.

Four swifts overhead now, I wonder if there will be as many as 2005 by the end of August, 41 I counted here one night. Some of the birds are going to have a hard time building their nests, the ground is like concrete, and they won't be able to get mud to daub, Not too bad here because there's always a stream or river somewhere near, but I bet there will be some places where they won't have any luck.

Look no bluebells!


cmk said...

I find that I try getting out of going to funerals because I have been to too many in my life! As a young girl, I had so many elderly relatives that, for awhile, they were dropping like flies! (Don't mean to try and turn death into a joke!) So now, I feel like 'Been there, done that!'

When I saw your picture of the jet, it reminded me, once again, of how much I miss seeing them flying over our house. Since the Air Force base that was near us closed, we rarely see any planes overhead! Surprisingly, we don't even notice the ones from the airport. We must not be under their fly zone.

Jan said...

The jets are so high here that you can't hardly hear them, that one would've probably been coming to you, heading West! The flight paths vary depending on wind direction too, sometimes there aren't any. We have low flying jets testing here about once a week, they come out of nowhere and shake the ground and frighten everything to death. Thankfully only for about five minutes then they go and terrorise someone else.

nicola said...

jan, dont be silly you arnt letting anyone down at all. Say goodbye to her in your own way. Funerals are hard. Dont worry though..

Janine said...

Cool shot of the red kite

oldcrow61 said...

Love the pictures.