Sunday, 6 May 2007

Bank Holiday Weekend

Yesterday I got stuck in and cut all my grass before it gets wet. Also dusted and hoovered indoors. Weather still nice although a bit hazy. Phoned Irene and she met me at my favourite spooky river place for a walk, with her other choccie lab Ffion. She was the one that she was most worried about not behaving as she has never been walked out on a lead, and is the most boisterous and aggressive. She was an angel! Irene was able to let her off the lead on the return leg and she never moved more than about 8 feet in front. Turned chilly last night and was the first night I'd not been able to sit out in the porch with my tea.

Fabulous night of tv, Joseph, Grease, Dr Who and Parkinson with *swoon* David Tennant *swoon* He is such a lovely guy too, really funny. *sigh*

Today went with Irene to a HUGE market and carboot at Carew, which is the other side of Tenby, an hour journey from here, and we had a good old look round. I bought a reel of tape, and she got a new collar for Sian! Oh and some cakes which we ate in the car. Oh well, it made a change to go somewhere different.

The weather has changed now, it keeps trying to rain, not really enough to wet anywhere much though, but it's sooooo cold. Only about 14c outside, and a cold wind. We have 35mph winds forecast for tomorrow and more or less constant rain, so if they are right, in for a lovely day...

I just took Emma over the back field, didn't feel like getting the car out and it was spitting with rain anyway. I will never learn though will I? I didn't bother to take my camera, despite the fact its so small I can put it in my pocket. The Red Kite was hovering and swooping over my head within about 15 feet of me, and in the woods, I got the closest ever look at a Chiff Chaff. He was on a branch no more than 8 feet above me, singing and displaying for a good five minutes, completely not bothered about me being there. Bugger!

So now sitting in here with a sweatshirt on, 3 degrees colder than of late, still have the heating on, and I put the hall rad back on last night too. It's only supposed to last until Thursday, but that will be 4 days too long for me.


oldcrow61 said...

COLD at 14C!! I want to weep. Only +4 here. A shame you didn't get some pictures of the birds you saw....alway take your camera, lol

Pete said...

"i want a small camera so i always carry it"


Anonymous said...

Hello Jan - it is so cold and wet here too!! Miserable today!! Nice to know that others have poor weather too like oc up there!! (I had an enjoyable read of your blog Jan and I like the pictures.)

Anonymous said...

I too enjoy reading your posts -'re laughing now but to me you lead such a typical English country life.

Jan said...

I don't think I've been called romantic before, lol. Thanks :D