Thursday, 24 May 2007

Blaengwen Wind Farm

I've mentioned before on here somewhere I think about my concerns for a proposed Wind Farm to be sited approximately 1 mile from my home as the Red Kite flies. I forgot to mention that a couple of days ago, a lady came round to drum up support for the local protest action group. There is a meeting in our local hall tonight at 7.30 pm, and I shall of course, be attending. It may mean I won't be on chat tonight (awwww shame) Depends how long it lasts. I doubt we will be able to stop this attrocity, but as the lady said, at least we will have tried. If it goes ahead, it may well mean the end of my life here, if I can hear the noise they make, with my dodgy hearing impediment (I can hear low droning noises, drives me potty) I won't be able to live with it. There's not a lot that really motivates me to get my arse into gear and do something, but this is one thing I feel so very strongly about, that I'm prepared to give it a go and do all in my power. The lady running the group has support from our local MP. We can do but try. As usual, it's the poor old farmers who are the major supporters of wind farms, because they are rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of the money they will get for siting them on their land.

A link to our plight -

And on another matter, again, the dear old hard-done-by farmers are pressing the government to instigate a mass slaughter of badgers using gassing and snares. Absolutely disgusting and barbaric. Think of the agony these poor creatures will go through, and think also that snares catch lots of other animals, could be your pet cat or dog. Please look at this link, and sign the petition to stop this attrocity -

Now, I'm just about to phone the docs to see if I can get an appointment today about my eyes, each morning I am waking up hoping it will have gone away. Unfortunately not.


Janine said...

Good luck with the activism Jan, hopefully your voices will be heard! Also hope the eye thing clears up.

Mary said...

I hope your meeting went well. Sadly progress seems to mean the destruction of the countryside :o(