Friday, 11 May 2007

Even wetter Friday

Why is it that when it starts to rain here, it never knows when to stop? We have gone from one extreme to another. From the dry ground cracking open to near on flooding. It's been torrenting down now for 6 hours solid, I mean really heavy rain.

Just went shopping today, met Pat at Tescos. I took Emma with me, so I could walk her round the reservoirs after. Was a bit worried as it was quite sunny and warm here at 10 oclock and wasn't sure I should be able to leave her in the car. Needn't have worried, by the time I got to town it had started to rain. I still took her round the reservoirs though, because it's under cover mostly, like yesterday, so I didn't get too wet, and she gets wet anyway, although today she didn't want to go in the water, typical.

Came home and was putting the bags of shopping on the worktop, looked across to the bird table like I always do, and saw the Sparrowhawk, looking thoroughly cheesed off, and sheltering under the holly! Took a pic, only through the window though so not very clear because of the raindrops, but you can see her expression quite clearly, lol.

Had a look in the greenhouse and am so bloody fed up with slugs. I chucked loads of the bloody things out yesterday, into greenery where they can chomp to their hearts content, but wasted my time. Overnight, they have climbed up the staging, and eaten all four of my tiny cucumber seedlings, both of my red pepper seedlings, and almost completely destroyed one of the tomato plants in the grow bag. Also managed to get into my huge tub of runner beans, which is still inside in case we have any more frosts, and eaten half the leaves off those too. I give up now.


Anonymous said...

I once knew a remedy for slugs but cannot recall it now. Something you put near the plant to distract them...

Anonymous said...

Can't help feeling sorry for the sparrow hawk Jan, most birds can peck at this and that, and eat bits people put out for them, but this bird has to chase and kill something before it can eat, can't be easy for him, you could leave some meat for him if you don t want him chasing your birds. Pauline.

Karen said...

I'd be thrilled to have a sparrowhawk in my garden! Though I wouldn't like him after the usual garden birds but it's nature after all and he does have to eat too.
I hate slugs too, horrible slimy and greedy things. Have you tried crushed eggshell around your plants? Or small tumblers of beer sunk into the earth at strategic points? Someone once told me that orange peel, dried for a while in a warm oven and then scattered around the plants, keeps them away.

oldcrow61 said...

I use to have a big problem with slugs, I would pick up a bucket full every day, bring them over to the woods and let them go but of course the next morning they were all back again. People would roll their eyes when they heard that. lol. You could try putting sand or gravel around your plants, they don't like going over that stuff.

The picture of the hawk is lovely.

Janine said...

Wish we could get some of that rain over here!
I think people put out beer for slugs but I think they drown in it. As OC said they dont like to go over rough things, you could ring your seedlings with diatomaceous earth, that should discourage them.

nicola said...

Bring them all to me, I havnt seen any slugs here for ages!!!

Nice photo btw

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