Sunday, 2 March 2008

The day after

Well the pain went, but still felt a bit groggy when I got up. Dizzy and a bit sick, but on the whole not too terrible. I have a slight headache which won't go but hasn't stopped me from doing stuff really, although I did feel rough enough to go back to bed for an hour around lunchtime. I think maybe I've caught a bug, because I was alternating between sweating and shivering all through the night and had a bad night's sleep.

So I had a wonderful surprise this morning. Kate phoned to see if I was okay, and if she could get me anything, and to phone them instantly if I needed any help. Anyway, I was just sort of getting dressed, and there was a knock at the door, and there was Kate laden with cards, presents and a birthday cake she'd made for me! A little chocolate cake with a candle. She had a present and card for me from my other friend Helen, too. Unfortunately it was a box of chocolates, and the card said "Sod the diet!" I was gobsmacked because I didn't get them anything, I gave Helen a card when I knew it was her birthday, but Kate was away in Spain for hers last year, so never gave it a thought. I was quite overcome, I really didn't think we were that kind of friends. Feel thoroughly ashamed of my negative thoughts in that they hadn't contacted me in ages because I'd not been to the windfarm meeting since before Christmas.

Anyway, eventually, I managed to eat something, only had a bowl of rice pudding all day yesterday, and that absolutely crippled me last night. Had a light lunch, cup a soup and some crispbreads and a few grapes. Then Emma knows it's normally time to go out so I decided to take her to my favourite place by the river as I'd be unlikely to come across anyone else down there at lunchtime, and hoped I'd be okay to walk with her.

No problems, the fresh air did me good, took a few photos, it was a lovely day again today, and came home and thought I'd get stuck into a bit of clearing up in the garden, lots of dead leaves laying on my borders, hiding my snowdrops, and I did some pruning. It was lovely out there, yay, it's spring!

I looked in my hedgehog box just to see if anything had been in there, and saw a poor little dead mouse. It hadn't been dead long, didn't smell, and his little fur was wet. Poor little bugger, couldn't see any marks on him, maybe he died of old age or cold. Took a couple of photos but they're a bit blurred I'm afraid, the Nokia doesn't like close-ups much it seems. I buried him in the edge of Diddy Boy's grave. :(

lots of snowdrops

the heather has been alight by the looks of it

Nice daffs on the bank

I bought these at the Botanical Gardens yesterday

I thought this was so lifelike, I couldn't resist it


oldcrow61 said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better. It sounds like a bug for sure. What a couple of nice friends you have. Cute garden ornaments.

Pete said...

i agree sod the diet for a few days. nice of them.

emma looks pleased to be out

Janine said...

Sorry to hear you werent feeling well for your birthday. That kingfisher statue is really cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan
Well I apologise must have missed the notice of your birthday on Saturday!
I was travelling to Scotland but I didn't see anything on BBF the only place I logged onto that evening!

Big bunch of flowers!
Especially with that nasty bug!

Hope you feel well soon!

Anonymous said...

Regret I missed your bithday, too, so belated best wishes and good health. Sounds like you are improving. I agree, think you had a bug and how buggery awful to hit you on your birthday.