Sunday, 23 March 2008

Some more stuff

Don't faint, blogging twice this close together. You can tell I've been stuck indoors a lot today. Not because of the weather I might add, the "oh its going to be terrible with all the snow" forecast was a load of crap as usual. We had a very heavy rain shower for about 10 minutes around 9am this morning. Other than that, its been dry, sunny and pretty damn good for a few days now. Cold wind, but in the sunshine pretty warm.

So I took Emma round the park before lunch today, so that I could sit on my backside and watch the footie all afternoon! I have sadly put a curse on gorgeous Pepe Reina though I think, I only really wanted to watch to see him, and the poor guy had a bloody awful game, and he made some terrible errors, resulting in ManU winning 3-0! Oh no.

Yesterday I bought a new photo printer, one of the little ones that you can do normal sized prints from without a pc. I had one up until a few days ago, that I bought from Irene a couple of years back. But the bloody thing would never work properly, always "paper jam" or the bluetooth wouldn't work, didn't find my pc, or any one of ten other reasons to wind me up. So it met its demise on Thursday. I had one of my really, really bad temper tantrums. I just wanted to do a quick couple of photos to put in a friend's letter. After about 30 minutes and still no photo, I threw it onto the bedroom floor as hard as I could, and then stamped on it over and over, and eventually, it was in a million pieces on the floor. Boy did I feel good! My temper does worry me sometimes though, I didn't used to have one, not a physical violence one anyway. Oops. The printer cost me £50 when I bought it from Irene, the new one to replace it, which isn't as high spec, has cost me £40. Other times, I have smashed up two garden strimmers, which cost about £20, so I am getting more expensive.

Still coughing well, have taken the antibiotics for a day now, I woke at 3am with a fit this morning, couldn't stop for over half an hour. Had to get up and walk about for a while. Managed to get off eventually though and woke about 8am. Getting a bit fed up with Emma, although it's probably not her fault, but she seems to have a bladder problem, she keeps weeing in the night now, three times in the last 10 days or so, I will seriously have to consider shutting her in the kitchen at night I guess, she's going to ruin my carpets. :(

I have moved the webcam back to the front porch for a while, as the dish of food was empty this morning, so am wondering if a hedgehog has been around, I will have to sort it out so that I can run the two again, because the majority of hoggies were at the back feeder last summer of course. I've had the cam running all afternoon, and have had some lovely little birdies coming. Two robins, loads of blue and great tits, Mr and Mrs Blackbird, and the lovely little Pied Wagtail.

Oh by the way, I have disabled anonymous comments again, I did put it in a comment the other day, but I seem to have picked up another moron. So if my original anonymous friend, whose comments I have enjoyed over the past months wishes to still comment now and then, I'm afraid you will have to register with google, doesn't mean you have to blog, and you can still be anonymous as such, but it's up to you. I'll miss ya though if you don't, loved some of your stuff with Damien, still laugh when I think about knitting him a hat, lol!

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oldcrow61 said...

Ha, ha, ha, nearly fell down laughing picturing you stomping the printer to bits. Love the pictures.