Saturday, 15 March 2008

Another exciting update

Well it's been quite an eventful week one way and another. I've decided that I shall only blog weekly now unless I do something different to all the other blogs that I've done over the past two years. I mean, how many photos of the same places and things are there to take?

The major event I am not prepared to blog about, but some people already know. It's kind of private really, I was highly excited, and then down in the dumps but life must go on.

So I joined a few dating sites, and the photo of my gorgeous self has attracted quite a few male admirers, but none of them match up to my very high standards as yet, (Must have French accent, shaved head and love of animals...) but undeterred, I shall carry on. I have even plucked up the courage to send messages to guys I found attractive, one of which sent a very polite reply but more or less said not interested, and the other one last night, well I was tempted I can tell you, he is bloody gorgeous, lives too far away though, but he was only interested in one thing! I was chatting to one guy last night all evening from my old stomping ground in Hertfordshire, but I don't think that will lead anywhere, he seems nice enough, but not what I'm looking for obviously, I don't intend to move back to the rat race in the near future. One bloke is very keen, again, not my type, too old - I don't act my age, and I don't think I look it too, so I am more interested in guys my age or younger, not an OAP! We shall see how it goes.

Other than that, just done normal stuff, dog walking, shopping.

To finish, I am sitting here not very happy, apart from the fact that it's now pissing with rain, which in a way is a blessing, as it gives me an excuse to sit here and do nothing, I feel like crap. It started yesterday morning, with a sore throat and croakiness, which has progressed overnight to the sorest throat I've had in years and years, burning eyes, shivers, headache, and an upset stomach now due to the fact that I had one sodding Lemsip to try and ease the symptoms. I can't even swallow a sip of water without wincing in agony. I have no voice, having to whisper hoarsely to the birds and Emma today. I'm not too bad just sitting here, but once I try and get up to do anything, feel sick and just want to sit down again. Once again my plans for the weekend are F**ked. I was going up to Kate's this afternoon with Emma, to see the little lamb she is bottle feeding, and that I will be looking after for 6 days at the end of month/beginning April. No chance of that now. And I had planned on going to mum's for Easter, probably leaving next Wednesday for a few days, but if this gets any worse or doesn't just bugger off by Monday altogether, I won't be going. I won't be able to get everything done before going, feeling like shite as I do now. Eileen is on standby anyway, bless her, she doesn't mind when or for how long so at least that's not a problem.

Watch this space.


Pete said...

hope you feel better soon jan

oldcrow61 said...

Rest and drink lots of fluids, lol, guess you've heard that before. Hope you get better quickly Jan. Hugs!

Mary said...

Oh jan I do hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas. yeah.