Friday, 21 March 2008

Time flies....

...when you're having fun, so don't know what my excuse is this week. I still have the cold and cough from hell. Cough cough cough. If I had a pound for every cough I've done this week, I would be able to buy my dream house I think. I have never, ever had a cough this bad. Every morning as soon as I wake, I can't get rid of the irritation for over an hour, just cough cough cough. Same in the evening. And I've had several coughing fits out in public, so embarrassing, when I just can't stop and my eyes stream, and I just want to die. I went to the doctors on Tuesday, they fitted me in at the end of surgery, still had to wait 45 mins though, she gave me some strong medicine and a prescription for antibiotics, but said try not to take them unless you really have to. Well today I decided I really have to, I can't go on with this any longer. My chest is burning like I've been hit with a shovel. I had two choking fits in Tescos whilst I was waiting for the prescription! Apart from that I actually don't feel terrible, I mean I've still be able to get on and do most stuff this week thank god. But there is no way I can go to mum's like this. I couldn't face the drive up there, imagine if I have a coughing fit on the M4, I would have to pull over on the hard shoulder till I could get rid of it, which normally is about 10 minutes of eye popping choking! Apart from that, mum would be worried sick, and I don't want to give her anything either, and the weather forecast is crap. So I now decided that I will go up the second week of April all being well, after I've done my stint at the farm. Give myself time to recover hopefully.

I've bought mum a few bits and pieces to send her for her birthday next weekend, so will get that off to her on Tuesday.

So what else have I been up to this week? Well had a few bits of excitement with the dating site I joined, seemed a really nice guy who was interested in me, not bad looking, sent me his photo's in an email, but I was wanting to get something straight before we decided to correspond or meet, and he hadn't ticked the box to say he liked animals. As everyone knows, they are the major part of my life, and felt there would be little point in going any further if he wasn't at all interested. So I sent him a lovely little polite email stating just that. Got a brief answer back saying it sounded like I have a "menagerie" and he'd best leave me to it, as it would "cause problems in the future" Bloody arsehole! I didn't say his kids would "cause problems in the future" even though I felt it. Oh well, his loss. Lucky escape for me. That's the second time that's happened to me. There's a very sweet Spanish guy in London who is keen but I don't want to get involved there, he's too far away, and don't want the complications. I'm giving it a rest for a while on there I think. I shall just carry on dreaming of my ideal man, he must be out there somewhere, in the meantime, he who must not be mentioned anymore is still always in my thoughts, Emma sent him an Easter Egg this week too, which I thought was very sweet of her. Wonder if he did too? Will no doubt find out in the course of time. *wink*

Yesterday, I had an appointment at the hospital. It's not everyday that I get two different guys groping my legs, so that was an added bonus I suppose. However, the reasons were less than erotic. I have varicose veins. I also have awful, ugly swollen blubbery legs which ache like hell very often. So the end result was yes, I have a problem with my veins, yes they can do them, but they can't guarantee that it will reduce the swelling round my calves and ankles, but it may well do. I have to go back in three months to let them know what I want to do. I came away armed with a leaflet setting out all the pro's and con's. The worst bit is it's normally done under a general anaesthetic, last time I had that, I was sick for 12 hours non-stop when I came round. Secondly, you may need to stay in overnight, and even if not, you need someone to be at home with you for 24 hours after. Also sounds like there's a lot of pain involved, and can't do a lot of stuff for up to 4 weeks afterwards. I shall have to have a long hard think about it. I would dearly love to have legs that look a bit less disgusting, I'd love to go swimming for instance, but wouldn't be seen dead in a swimsuit at the moment. Wish you could wear leggings at the pool, that would be okay!

Anyway enough really, I can't think of much else apart from the weather of course, which is okay, better than they forecast, typical March winds/April Showers, very windy actually, almost as bad as the so-called storms we were to have. Not cold though and lots of blue sky and sunshine today. Took Emma round the reservoirs, the wind scared the life out of her though, lol. The Goosanders are still about.


oldcrow61 said...

Ha, that bloody fool that doesn't care for animals. I agree, his loss! Guess you have a lot to think about re: legs. Maybe you will be able to work something out.

Tricia said...

I sympathise with your predicaments Jan - particularly the cough - I've got it too. Maddening innit?

Janine said...

Sorry to hear you are sick Jan. Hope you feel better soon. Do they have the cough syrup Delsym over there? Its the only thing that got my cough to stop when I got sick last year.
I bet you will find your perfect guy, perhaps he has an even bigger menagerie than you! Ever thought of volunteering at a wildlife center or animal shelter? Might find some like minded men there!