Monday, 24 March 2008

Yeah, here's another one whilst I'm still in the mood

Paced around a while and thought no, I can't stay here and do housework today, make the most of the weather. Dropped into town and got some bird food in Wilkinsons, damn they've put up the price of the sunflower hearts now though, so I don't think it's cheaper to buy them in there anymore. Also didn't have any dried mealworms, so was a bit of a disaster really. Just got the fat balls which are still a bargain. Ran into Helen and family and had a quick chat, then went on down to the Castle Green Woods, the Woodland Trust place that I've blogged about before. It's the one where all the bluebells are so fantastic a bit later on. Took a picnic with me, but I was intending to just go round the reservoirs to be honest, I get a bit fed up with the same old place, been there 4 days out of the last 6!

So we had our John West Tuna light lunch and an apple (I know how to live it up) and then set off up the steep slope. I swear it gets steeper every year. I don't know how I managed to get up there at all before I lost weight, it was a struggle as it was.

Anyway, Emma had a good time, she likes it there better than the reservoirs, even though there's no water. Plenty of mud though. I took a few pics but only had the Nokia with me so not brilliant, but thought I'd take some spring flower shots too, spotted the first bluebell of the year, even earlier than last year I think. Also some wood anemones, meadow buttercups, the gorse all in bloom and primroses.

Came home and Alfie had gone awol from the cage again. Crawled around the living room calling him and looking under the sofa, behind the tv etc and finally spotted him sitting on the kindling basket under the guinea pigs' table! He seems to have a thing about fire, he was on the guard in the hearth yesterday. He didn't used to bother coming out of the cage, but I think he's trying to follow Chippy around now, he goes and sits on the guinea pig cage a fair bit. Shame that he can't fly, feel so sorry for him.

Oh I forgot - seen my first hedgehog of the year. Squashed flat in the road about 100 yards away from here. Poor little sod. I hate that so much, poor bloody thing survived hibernation, and killed within a day or so of waking up.


oldcrow61 said...

So nice to see the flowers that are blooming over there. Love the first picture of Emma on the bench. She's adorable. What a lovely, healthy looking bird, Alfie. Looks like a bit of a character,lol.

Pete said...

agree with OC Emma on the bench in first pic is sssooo cute