Saturday, 29 March 2008


Weather horrendous today, lashing down, gale force winds, and gusts that nearly blew us over. So back to normal for Wales then!

So this week has flown by again. Still got a terrible cough, been waking me in the night with uncontrollable hacking, just can't get rid of this, so fed up, but thankfully, as I've said before, I don't feel ill with it, apart from a bit exhausted through broken sleep patterns. I've been going up to the farm for four or is it five days now, to do the lamb feeds so that they will get used to me, well no problems there, they are all such pigs. It's going to be very hard for me to accept that at least one of the lambs will end up in Kate's freezer, he's a ram, and they have named him Frank. I asked how they could do that, like get fond of something and name it, and fuss and pet it and then kill it, but she didn't really have an answer. I guess some people are just able to do it. I couldn't ever. Glad I don't like/eat lamb, never have, never will. So there's five to feed, six lambs been born altogether, but one is getting fed exclusively by its mum. They are all in the barn which is great. I have to do four feeds, 8am 12, 4pm 8pm so it will be an early start for me for the next week, will have to be up about 6.30 I guess to get my bird feeders sorted and the other pets before I go. Will only take Emma for one of the sessions, she won't be able to do more than one walk with Barra and Skye, she's struggled this week as it is, and we've only been doing shortish ones up the field.

Kate made me a wonderful vegetable pie to use up some of her stuff in the fridge, she was going to give me just the veggies but knew I wouldn't cook anything, lol, she knows me better than I thought, they would have gone to the guinea pigs! She's also given me loads more, I have two leeks! I've never cooked a leek in my life, and probably won't now either. I don' think the gp's will like them though..

Bit of excitement on the dating sites. I joined another one this week, and have had four guys message me in the last day, two of whom seem very nice, have chatted with one all afternoon, at least these ones have something in common, he's interested in red kites, the other one has a smallholding, and the third guy is a farmer! Will see what transpires, not going to rush into anything like meeting or giving them my phone number for a while!

I made an interesting discovery quite by chance today too, and am quite excited - I had an email from the RSPCA about something, and I saw a link to join their facebook site. Well when I got to that page, I found out there is a monkey sanctuary in Wales - I had no idea of it's existence, I only knew about Monkey World in Devon. This one is just outside Swansea, so only about an hour away. You can sponsor a Chimp for £25 a year which gives you unlimited free admission, and you can volunteer to help etc. Quite keen although I'm not sure about that, I can't commit to definite days/times really, more on a casual basis, but I think as soon as I have a nice free day, I will go take a look and suss out the situation. Yeah! This is the place, take a look, maybe sponsor a poor monkey...


Anna said...

You on Facebook??

Anna said...

Oh yeah, and if I'd cared for something and named it, I couldn't eat it.

Of course I do eat meat, but I don't get to know it before it gets killed!