Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Some good news today...

....about the proposed wind farm. Red Squirrels, a protected and endangered species, have been discovered in the forestry near the area that they intend ripping out trees to build on. We already knew about this, and had been hoping it may help our case.
Today, the front page of our local paper, the entire front cover actually, is about it, and Iolo Williams has spoken out about it.

He has been filming in the forest for his tv show and says "The Countryside for Wales has put a lot of money into a projet about red squirrels. I would hope they would keep an eye on what's going on at Blaengwen. If the wind farm does impinge on them in any way, they should throw it out." (For those non Welsh or not-into-wildlife-programmes readers, Iolo is a very well know tv personality here.)

Carmarthenshire Council wind farm case officer David Poulter stated "There is no suitable habitat for red squirrels on the Blaengwen wind farm site."

Well excuse me sir, but Iolo has disproved otherwise. You are talking out of your proverbial arse. Red Squirrels live in coniferous forests. You know, like big trees with pine needles and fir cones? They eat the seeds. The sort of trees that you will be hauling down in their hundreds to make way for the roads to the wind farm, and where the turbines are being built.

Nuff said. Fingers crossed for us folks. Yay for the red squirrel.


Pete said...

bet you really like the Red Squirrel now

Jan said...

I already did. Nnot as much as I like Iolo though ;)

oldcrow61 said...

Can't say I blame you Jan. I don't mind looking at his picture at all, lol. Great news though.