Saturday, 1 March 2008

My birthday

First the good news, if you can call it that. Below are the photos I took from my trip to the National Botanical Gardens of Wales today. You can read more about it on their website here -

I woke up this morning with the most awful crippling indigestion type pains in my abdomen. I've had this before, many times, having had two stomach ulcers in the past. I have pills to take "as required" Well I've not required them for months. Why today of all days? Normally the burning pain goes off within half an hour of taking a pill. Not so today. Also if I am a bit "burpy" first thing, a glass of water normally gets rid. Also not today.

Undeterred, I thought I would still go to the Gardens and walk it off. Big mistake. When I got there, I was crippled with pain, I was walking around snapping photos as best I could, then went and got a drink inside the glass dome so I could sit down for a while. It eased a little so I managed to see a bit more, take some more photos, but it was so crowded, and to be honest I felt like a freak, the only person out of hundreds that I saw who was alone. Everyone else was in family groups with kids, or couples, or even women in twos and threes. I felt uncomfortable, as well as feeling ill, so I came home after about an hour and half, and another sit down with a coffee.

Got home and took another pill, and some indigestion pills, and some Indian tonic water which normally does the trick. Still not good, the pain moved down into my lower stomach, and its been like the worst kind of stitch. I went to bed to try and sleep it off. Didn't work, felt worse lying down. Also felt very shivery. So I got up again, got a hot water bottle for my stomach, and it helped a bit but not much.

I left it as late as possible, hoping upon hope that it would ease off, but unfortunately not to be. I had to phone Kate up at 5.30, didn't dare leave it any later, and apologise. She said she will ring me tomorrow to see if I'm alright, and if I need anything which was nice. I feel so pissed off you wouldn't believe. The first time, the very first time, I've been invited out for a meal in the evening for over five years, and I've had to cancel. Why on my birthday though? Why? When I've been feeling pretty good for bloody ages now. Kate said we can do it when I feel better. It is slightly more comfortable now, so I don't think I'm going to die, but I kid you not, I was in such pain about 4 hours ago now, I was crying and thinking of getting myself to casualty.

Of course, poor Emma hasn't had a walk again, first time ever that she's not been out two days running (we couldn't get out yesterday because of the weather)

Oh well, sorry folks, can't be more honest, I was going to post all cheerful about my trip, and not mention any of this. I shall definitely go back to the Gardens when there's more flowers out, at present it was just daffs and crocuses really, and all the shrubs. They've done loads there in the five years since I last went.

Thanks for the birthday wishes and cards too everyone. Sorry I can be more enthusiastic about it!

Plenty of ducks

Little tame Robin, sadly I had no food for him.


oldcrow61 said...

Aww Jan, and on your birthday as well. Hope you feel better soon. Wonderful pictures. So nice to see things in bloom. Hugs.

cmk said...

No one should be sick on their birthday! Hope you're better soon. Happy birthday. {hug}

Pete said...

aw hugs.

nice to see bees eh

Anonymous said...

well at least you didnt have to eat a steamed sponge with birthday candles on it, and Emma had you all to herself much to her hearts delight. I think you had a good birthday. youre slim, youre trim, you have a great hair style, youre living where you want to live, and youre even a bit in love. tomorrow is another day.

Jan said...

Thanks everyone. Anonymous you have a wonderful habit of making me smile, you seem to see the positive in all situations, must be nice to be that way. I look forward to your comments always.

I'm feeling better today folks, the agonising pain has gone, but I am a bit dizzy headed. Had a rough night sleeping, was shivering one minute and sweating the next. I think I may have picked up a bug of some kind.

Anna said...

Jan, sorry I missed it!

Hope you're feeling better now.