Sunday, 30 March 2008

The Farm, Day 1

After the awful weather of yesterday, it was a relief to wake this morning to brilliant blue sky and sunshine, which was a bit of a surprise too, as we altered the clocks to BST last night, so although my alarm was set for 6.45, it was in reality on 5.45 and I didn't expect it to be that light!

So everything went really well, the feeding of the lambs was a bit of an ordeal though, because all five want feeding at once, and with only two hands it's a bit difficult to say the least. Frank, the little ram, has his first, because he bullies the girls otherwise, then you have to chose which two are next, and meanwhile the poor two that have to wait till last are head butting your legs, nibbling your hands, coat, wellies and anything they can get their mouths on! I wish I could invent something that will hold all five bottles in a row so they can all feed at the same time. Maybe some sort of body coat with five little slits in, then I could go on all fours with the teats of the bottles hanging down and pretend I am a ewe? Hmmm, maybe not. Frank got on my lap tonight, so cute. Mustn't get fond of him though. :(

Four journeys to the farm then today, dog walks and main feeds on two of those, and then just the lambs for the other two which is easy. Thoroughly enjoyed it, hope the weather holds for the week.

Only other thing I did today was to go round to Helens to try to help her husband download some music onto his new phone, bloody complicated though, he's bought an Erickson phone, and talk about fiddly! He's going to take it back into the shop tomorrow and see how to do it. We got the music onto the phone, somewhere, but can't get it to play back through the music player, it's definitely on the phone because we could play it back when you plugged into the USB on the pc, bloody thing! Why couldn't they have bought a Nokia, so easy to do. Tsk.



Anna said...

How could they eat him, he's too cute!!!

oldcrow61 said...

I felt a stab to my heart on seeing the picture of little Frank. So sad! What about a rubber glove with a small hole in the top of each finger to feed more at once. Just a thought, probably wouldn't work.