Wednesday, 6 February 2008

What a fantastic day!

The weather has been unbelievable today for February. Not a breath of wind, blue sky and sunshine non-stop all day. Wow. I looked back on the calendar and for this day last year I have just one word - Snow. For 7th February - more snow! Well I guess it could still happen, the forecast is crap for the next few days again, back to rain. At 11 oclock, up by my aviary it was 17c! (In the sun admittedly)

Anyhow, I couldn't stay here all day with this sort of weather so I decided to make a trip to Ammanford, haven't been there for months, but the next time I clean my aviary out, I need some of the stuff I put on the floor, called Megazorb, it's a paper based litter, better than the woodchip, less dusty and more absorbent, anyway, the only place I can get it is the aforementioned place. Thought I'd combine the trip with getting some stuff in their Wilkinsons (bird food of course - cheapest place for Sunflower hearts by far) couple of bits of veggies in Tesco, and then walk Emma round the lovely park over that way.

It was so nice that we had a picnic lunch sitting on the bench alongside the river at Tesco, not what you'd expect to do in February either, absolutely brilliant.

So to the walk, it was amazing down there today, the park is fantastic, with views of the Black Mountains just across, the woodlands were alive with Song Thrushes and their songs, saw loads of Robins, got a couple of pics of Wood Pigeons, and all in all a great day. Oh and there were loads of snowdrops out.

But the other fantastic thing, well it must be because I had a big smile on my face today because of the lovely weather, but so many men smiled and said hello to me today, I nearly fainted - and wait for this - I GOT CHATTED UP BY A HUNKY POLICEMAN IN TESCOS! He was about the 4th bloke who smiled and spoke, he said, "Hallo, how are you, okay?" I mean WOW! He was choosing a sandwich to eat for his lunch, so I said I was looking for some with no calories in! Maybe the haircut isn't so bad after all... :D


Pete said...



seriously nice to see you had a good day!!

can we see photos of the haircut now.

oldcrow61 said...

Hunky Policeman, whooo hoooo, who could ask for anything more. Lucky you!! lol. Wonderful pictures. I envy you the warm sunny day and getting chatted up. (big grin)

Pete said...

meant to say emma looks cute as ever

Mary said...

Glad to see Emma has recovered from her upset. it was a lovely day here too but alas on Wednesdays i am busy!

Janine said...

LOL pete
Seriously though, glad you had such a good day. Maybe you wear the mullet well :D

Anna said...

Oooooooooohhhhhhhh Jan!!