Friday, 1 February 2008

So bored!

Had the doctors early this morning. Took Emma for an early walk round the park incase the weather turned bad this afternoon. Came home, did my birds and then found I had nothing to do. Weather was blue and sunny but still a bit breezy and quite cold, so couldn't do the fence, plus it threatened to rain/sleet apparently so didn't want to waste my time doing it. So I've just done bugger all. Paced from room to room. Didn't even fancy watching tv. Been on my exercise bike lots of times so I guess that's good. Just took a few photos of the cloud colours near sunset, Chippy and Alfie on the cage, and my hyacynth that has just come out. It was a bulb that had to be kept in the dark for weeks and then brought out into the light this week. It smells gorgeous, my favourite flower aroma.

Mouse is darting back and forth on the cam right now, just took one pic - I've put a much bigger dish in there but the rate he's going at it will soon be empty again! He's got a drink of water now too, don't want him having to come out for water, there's a bloody cat around again, can smell the pee, and it's killed a chaffinch, had that to clear up yesterday morning. Sodding thing.


oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful pictures Jan. I have hyacinths growing in the garden in the summer and I know what you mean by the smell...fabulous.

Mary said...

I love hyacinths...can't resist buying little pots just for the smell. Hope the weather isn't too bad for you.....i am rather disappointed that we are not going to get snow! We had a lovely sunny day only spoilt slightly by the biting wind.