Saturday, 16 February 2008


Haven't done overly much, hence lack of blog. Thursday met Pat in town for shopping and had a coffee, came back and took Emma to the river at Llandysul as usual. Yesterday, met Pat in Newcastle Emlyn for lunch, didn't need any shopping, but took Emma round the Castle afterwards.

Still no let up in this glorious weather, although last night was the coldest by far for ages, the water froze inside my aviary flight, only about the third time all winter it's done that (not in their shed though, they have the heater in there) I decided to cut a couple of steps into the back garden and re-position my bird feeder, as I was sick of slipping and sliding about in the mud to get to it. Even now, although we've had no rain for must be a couple of weeks, it's still very soggy, due to the very poor drainage/clay soil here. Took me best part of an hour and a half, but job well done in the end, the digging was such hard work though, full of slate and flint and lumps of concrete out there!

After lunch took Emma to Henllan by the river, I love that place, and I make no apologies for putting in some more photos, which are pretty much the same as others I have put on here. It's such a beautiful place with the trees and the rocks and water. The bluebells will be out soon by the looks of things, they were early last year if I remember, could be even earlier this year.

Came home and cleaned the car, and did some t-cutting on it where it had some very stubborn greasy marks which have been annoying me since the mechanic put his dirty hands all over the wings when he last had the car!

Stood outside chatting to Mike (my neighbour across the road) and ended up getting frozen though, so have lit the log fire tonight for the first time in weeks, so feels very cosy tonight.

By the way, please don't be offended if I haven't put comments on your blogs lately, I am still reading them but I am in a strange state of mind lately, and just can't seem to get myself motivated to do stuff on the pc like I should or did before. Sorry anyway, nothing personal. :)


Mary said...

Beautiful photos Jan.......can't believe the beautiful weather we have all been having.

Pete said...

isn't the weather GORGEOUS!! lovely photos!!

oldcrow61 said...

It looks a magical place where you were walking. I remember the pictures of the Bluebells that you had on your blog last year. Beautiful!