Friday, 8 February 2008

Erm, Friday

Not much happening today. Weather still grey and drizzly, but turned very mild again, I shall have to turn the heating down, it's boiling in here, and I've had to open the windows today! Blimey!

Called in at the vets to sort out a mistake on my bill, no problem there, then decided to take Emma to Newcastle Emlyn as it was still early. Had a walk round the castle park, the poor old Muscovy that I put on here a few weeks ago was laying on the bank the other side all on his own, awwww. He was with all the Canada Geese last time, but he obviously doesn't move with them. They were in the next field along, thought they'd gone completely at first.

Had a look round the shops, didn't buy anything - no goodies for lunch, came back and did myself my low cal cuppa soup, toast and marmite, piece of cheese and an apple. Worked out the calories though, and even with the tiny tiny piece of cheese and a few grapes, it still works out too high for a lunch if I want to eat what I normally eat for my evening meal. Like I said before, I don't know how people can eat breakfast too and still lose weight, no way can I. The lunch would have added up to around 400 cals I think, I think ooooh it's oh so healthy, but frankly I would rather have the MacDonalds chicken nuggets and fries for the same amount of cals! Sigh.

Well not much else, here's a couple of cutey pics of the mice from the cam over the last few nights, they are going barmy at this moment again too, both of them rushing back and forth. One of them knocked the camera last night and I forgot to alter it, so just went back out and moved it, but it hasn't put them off, they were back in shot as soon as I got back indoors!


Pete said...

too cute

oldcrow61 said...

Those pictures put a big smile on my face. How cute!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, dieting. I know what you mean about no breakfast and so on. I've come to the conclusion I just can't eat!