Monday, 18 February 2008


Another lovely day, bit colder today though. Spent the afternoon at Pat's and we both had the walk down to the river today. She has a new mobile phone so we got the dogs to pose so she could try out the camera, and I did some too, only with my phone, didn't bother taking the camera again!

I bought Pat a keep-fit dvd for her birthday, Angela Rippon, so we had a laugh trying to keep up with the exercises later, boy am I unfit! I can't do half of them, I think I'll stick to me bike! Talking of which, I cycled 46 miles on it last week, and burned 1,600 cals. I lost two pounds on my diet, so am well pleased. I only have 11bs to go now to my target weight, yay!

Birdy news - on the way over, I saw a Buzzard make a kill for the first time, I knew they didn't just exist on carrion, but would rather have not been witness to it. I saw him swoop down in the road in front of me as I was driving, and then he went up top of a telegraph pole, and of course I had to stop and look (it's quiet country lanes,) and he had a small vole, with legs wriggling as he was held tightly in the bird's beak. Made me feel sick of course, and the Buzzard took off over the field with it when he realised I'd stopped. Puke.

On the way home, I saw a largish flock of Lapwings taking off from another field, which was a nice sight.

Sausage is still fine btw, he keeps a low profile a lot of the time, because of another Robin who dives down on him when I give him a worm or two. I wish they wouldn't fight, there is plenty for both of them, but will they listen.... ? There are definitely three at least here, because whilst these two are chasing each other about, there's another one singing up in the tree in the next garden.


Pete said...

lovely photos as every Jan.

oldcrow61 said...

You must be thrilled that you are getting so close to your target weight. Congratulations! That last picture of Emma cracked me up. What a character.

Mary said...

WEll done on the diet Jan I wish I had your willpower!

nicola said...

Jan remember MND

Jan said...

lol nic! After today I prefer MIT :D