Thursday, 28 February 2008

Llanybydder Horse Mart

For want of something better to do, and before I give up doing this blog completely, I went to the above today. I've done nothing but go shopping or walk Emma in the usual places for days, so had nothing to blog about.

Okay so the Horse Mart is held on the last Thursday of every month, I've been there lots of times before, mainly to look at the market stalls. Rarely buy anything though, because obviously it's mainly horse tack. There's a guy always there that has chickens for sale, but I daren't look. I bought my last two hens from him, Light and Dark, who were Diddy Boy's last two ladies.

We park in the field, and I walk round to the stalls with Emma, then let her have a long run in the grass when we get back to the car. I took a picnic today, Tuna light lunch and an apple. I then left Emma in the car and went back for a look at the horses for once and the auction, as you're not allowed to take dogs inside the mart. I don't know why I look at the horses, I always feel very sorry for them. A lot are white-eyed and scared out of their lives. I find it sad that people exploit animals for monetary gains, as a lot of these are. And how people can have a pony as a pet, then when they outgrow it, just get rid of it, is beyond me. There was a donkey who was very distressed. I heard another one being auctioned, it was in foal apparently and it fetched over a thousand guineas! I had no idea Donkeys were so valuable. Hope it doesn't end up with some kid kicking it in the guts on the sands. I wanted to bring them all home.

You can read more about it on the BBC page here if you are interested. The mart has been running since the 19th Century and is famous all over the world.

Beautiful pony with blue eyes


oldcrow61 said...

Don't stop writing your blog..PLEASE! Lovely pictures.

Mary said...

Some great photo.

The Bird Woman said...

I've never seen a pony with blue eyes before - s/he is absolutely beautiful.

There's a lovely little Shetland in the bottom photo too.

Poor things. Hope they find themselves in good homes.

trigergirl said...

i bought a section a yearling colt from there and now he has won soooo many shows i cant count his rossesettes and cups, hes my boy, i cant ride him but the point of buying him was clear, save a horse save a life, thats my motto his i broken in now and his does parrelli he also jumps ditches 4.5ft wide and he jumps 3ft fences, hes an absolute dall, i will be going back in the summer to save another horse but this time it will be a big cob in which i can ride once broken, and you know whats the best thing, since i have bought my pony me and my friends have saved over 600 horses that go there through word of mouth and through showing him as they always ask where did you get him from and i am proud to say llanybydder as if they see hes becoming a champion then they go out and buy one from there and gives the horses that are sold there better lives.

Karen said...

I let a horse out on loan several years ago to a lovely lady in Wales, only because of family commitments. I have searched and searched for years to try and find this lady and my beloved horse. Her address and phone number has been lostin moving!!! The horses name is Ben and he would be in his 20's now, he is approx 15hh, a British Riding Pony and he is a lovely Chestnut. I am worried because I have just seen a pic of a Chestnut lookalike in the stall at the Llaybydder Auction on here!
Would anybody know who that horse is in the sale or does my horse ring any bells? Hope someone can help!