Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Just dogs

Spent the afternoon at Pat's, sunbathing! I mean, seriously, sitting out front in her garden in a t-shirt with sleeves pulled up and felt the sun burning my arms and face. What bliss.

Sadly she had to stay in because a parcel was definitely being delivered by courier, so I took Emma and Ben down the river on my own. It was lovely down there, it's hard to believe you can walk in woodland in February in a t-shirt! Poor old Ben is arthritic now and he lags behind a great deal, well so does Emma too really, so I had a few sprint runs (on the downhill bits!) and then stood and waited for them to catch up. Both had a nice old splosh around in the river anyway.

Come on Ben!


Pete said...

isn't it fab!!

oldcrow61 said...

I daresay it was bliss sitting out in the sun. Looks like the dogs had a grand time.