Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Quick update

For those who were concerned about Emma. I only gave her about half ration on her food yesterday, only dry biscuits too, no moist meat with her dinner, and nothing to eat at all until mid afternoon when we came back from our walk. She was okay on the walk too, wanted to go in the river, but I kept her out, didn't think it was a good idea. She had a normal poo too about 11am, god knows how she still had anything left inside her though!

Last evening she slept as usual, I let her sleep in the bedroom, but put a gate across the living room door just in case, but she didn't leave the room all night. This morning she is just fine, back to her normal "give me a biscuit now" self, so I won't be going to see Damien today. Good news and bad news then.

I hosed the rug off in the garden and used an old brush, and then bunged it in the washing machine, despite it saying hand wash only. It's okay anyway, clean and fresh smelling, bit matted up but I shall have to de-tangle it at my leisure once it's back down in the hearth.

I think if it happens again though, there will need to be some investigation unfortunately, because this is the second time in recent months, I blamed it on the wormer I gave her last time, or the other heart pills she was on, that's why we changed to a different type, and thought everything was okay. I suppose like humans though, we occasionally get an "unexplained" stomach upset don't we? Just one of those yucky things, doesn't mean we've eaten anything iffy I guess.


oldcrow61 said...

Great to hear that Emma is back to normal. I've been thinking about her. A BIG HUG for the little darling.

Anonymous said...

woofy woofy Emma

Pete said...

was wondering all day how she was. aw bless