Sunday, 17 February 2008

Loadsa pictures!

Had the most fantastic day again today, did a bit of shopping, and then took Emma down to Llansteffan beach on the Towy Estuary. I have never seen so many cars and people there, and that includes high summer! The place was swarming, I got the last space in the main car park, and at the far end where I normally park, there must have been about 100 cars there too parked up on the grass. Amazing weather again, no wind, blue skies. I walked further than I'd ever been able to walk before - at last the tide was out when I got somewhere!

So we walked right out to the far rocks along the estuary, and then worked our way back along the cliff path through the woodland. The gorse is all in bloom, and there were catkins on the trees. Got some shots of the castle ruin across the field, which made it look rather creepy, there was a heat haze rising from the grass.

The highlights were a guy with a motorised parachute, not sure what they are called, but I want one! He was giving us a great display and came in really low all along the sands, and then back up over the cliffs, lucky sod, how I envied him.

Stopped by the cafe when I got back to the car, and people were queuing out the door, coming out with ice creams, teas, cakes etc. They did a roaring trade. I was very good and just bought a cup of tea, and we sat on a bench, and then were treated to two planes showing off just above our heads, not sure what planes, they sounded like old fashioned WW2 types, but they were flying in formation, almost wing-touching, then looping the loop, flying upside down, victory rolls, the lot, up and down the estuary - so amazing, and all for free!

So many shells everywhere

There was a fishing competition going on

The water was so calm

Ferryside across the other side of the estuary

The full car park

The two planes

Emma's best piggy-face did her no good at all, I only bought a cup of tea!


oldcrow61 said...

Ah, to fly! I can understand you're wanting to do it. What a fantastic day there and the little dear all the way out in the water. I'm afraid that I couldn't resist that little face, chips would be on the menu, lol.

Janine said...

I like the castle pic and the one with the trees. Looks like lovely weather there. Hope the Robins nest nearby.