Monday, 31 December 2007

New Year's Eve

Another grey day, but very mild, bit drizzly. Managed to get a couple of things done in the garden this morning (I moved Diddy's kennel from by the back door, it was getting in the way and preventing me safe access to the bird feeding area out back) I scared the shit out of my poor little mouse though, seemed he had set up home underneath, he's lucky I didn't squash him, I just saw this thing run across my foot and screamed lol! Poor little bugger, hope he ran somewhere safe, he headed through the gate into the main garden!

I trimmed down the hazelnut tree that has self seeded by the back door so that I have some dry footholds to get up the grass to the feeders. I will need to get through that way too when I get my new fence panels. At least I won't be slipping over in the mud now hopefully.

Shot up the farm shop to get a new bag of birds seeds - guess what - it was shut. That means nobody local has been able to get any pet, farm or horse supplies since Friday, they don't open Saturday anyway. So I thought I'd get some from the pet shop - guess what - yep also shut. WTF is up with these people, the village was throbbing with people, nowhere to park cars, and half the shops couldn't be bothered to open, I mean it's New Year's eve, big deal, that's tonight, today is just a Monday isn't it? Must be me. Well I shan't run out I suppose, but will mean I will have to go shopping again on Wednesday for some. Nice to do a 14 mile round trip for nothing though.

Okay so I did the farm this afternoon, went up there early due to the fact that the shops were shut. The older ewes had eaten all their hay in the nets. They also have some meal in troughs now too. As do the lambs in their field (sugar beet) and the two boys. Took the dogs for a walk, did the feed, had to put two more hay nets up, boy those ewes are boisterous, if I don't end up on my arse in the mud it will be a miracle, they jostle and shove each other, and don't care that I'm in the way, it's hard to get the bucketful of meal into the troughs, most of it either goes on their heads or the floor. Had a laugh, when I looked up, White Socks the cat (I can never remember his real name) was in the wheelbarrow! And he stayed in it whilst I wheeled him all the way back to the barn! Lol. I only had my phone with me, so photos not too clear due to the dismal light, I wasn't expecting to take any pics with the weather really, but couldn't miss that one. Good job I did though, cos some of the donkeys finally put in an appearance, they came over heehawing very loudly, awww, so cute, I love donkeys.

Emma got absolutely filthy, plastered in mud and soaked, I think maybe I will leave her at home tomorrow unless it dries up a bit, I only take her once anyway, she can't handle two walks that long in a day. (Neither can I really, especially pushing wheelbarrows uphill, it's hard work this time....)

Oh well, Happy New Year to all my online friends, hope it turns out to be a good year for you all.


Anonymous said...

The donkeys are pretty cute with their ears standing up like rabbits.

oldcrow61 said...

Sounds like you've had a busy day. Love the pictures. Poor little Emma, getting full of mud. Bet she enjoyed herself though.

Janine said...

Those donkeys are cute!

Pete said...

that cat camera shy?