Friday, 7 December 2007

Time for another catch up

There's not enough hours in the day (or night) lately. I seem to have an endless list of things that (a) have to be done (b) ought to be done (c) got little chance of being done at the moment and feel guilty because of it.

Christmas is obviously weighing on my mind, I need to get more presents, write my cards, get organised. I haven't a clue what to get mum. What do you get for an 80 year old, who goes out once a week shopping but otherwise has little contact with the outside world? She doesn't need anything. No good getting her anything to wear, or smellies, she has a wardrobe full of both which she doesn't want. No good getting her anything electrical, she ends up in tears because she can't get how to work it (like last year it was a Freeview box, and I ended up bringing it home again...) She doesn't need anything for the garden, or for her bird feeding, she has it all. She watches tv soaps and little else, reads The Sun (sigh) and does all the puzzles in it every day. It also has to be things that don't weigh hundreds of pounds as I will have to post it, can't get up there for sure now. The last time I sent her a parcel for her birthday, it cost over £10 to send.

I need to write out all my cards this weekend if I have time. I managed to get my sponsor dog with the Dog's Trust parcel wrapped and posted today, but that's about it really. Have got a couple of other things, bits and pieces but that's it. I dread going into the main town to do any shopping now, certainly doubt if I'll risk it this weekend anyway.

The weather has been so awful this week, rain and gales, virtually every day. My back fence is hanging in tatters and needs replacing. Everywhere is flooded. The river Towy at Carmarthen yesterday is about to flood the fields, and the Teifi in the park at Llandysul ditto. Another few inches and the playing fields will be under water. My back garden where I feed the birds is just a slime patch, I daren't walk on it, else I will end up on my backside for sure. I just have to chuck handfuls of food for the birds on any bit of grass I can find.

Been too much on the telly this week to be on chat I'm afraid, the last Nature of Britain, and Hands on Nature (this weeks was brilliant, Chris Packham was just up the road at New Quay - Nic you missed your chance!) It was probably filmed ages ago though, how comes he gets to see dolphins in the harbour just like that when I've been there a hundred times and only seen them once????

Last night wind farm meeting, got home to find that Emma had pooed everywhere, I was only out just over an hour. It was runny. Sorry if you are eating. She had dripped all up the hall, in the bathroom, in the bedroom, and onto my duvet cover on the bed. It took me near on an hour to clean up. This morning I could still smell it and found some that I couldn't see on the hall carpet last night. This is the second time this week, she did a load when I was in the shower the other morning too. I think it's the heart pills, it does say one of the side effects can be upset stomach, but I don't know why it's taken this long to do it. I guess I will have to go and see Damien next week. That's if my cold sore has gone of course. Which is another story. I have had one for over two weeks now. It almost went, and now has come back with a vengence, and looks bloody awful. Great, being as we have our Christmas do tonight and I shall be meeting up with dozens of people. Just my luck. Have just been down the hall to dump off my contribution to the raffle and the mince pies (courtesy of Tesco, no way was I going to make them!) I am hoping to be able to walk down the hall, so I can have a few glasses of wine tonight. I shan't be walking if we get anymore hailstones though like we've had today. The forecast is for sleet and snow over the next few days. At least it's been mild up till now, but looks like that's all set to change.

Other news, Diddy boy not too good. He was eating mealworms as I have already mentioned, but he's not bothered about them anymore now. He has been going outside a fair bit, and having a scratch round, but his crop is nearly always empty, and I can see him now behind the gate in the kitchen, with his head down. I am really breaking up thinking maybe I should have him put to sleep, but then sometimes, when he's outside, he seems fine, perks right up, runs even if I find a worm for him. But he is soooo thin, I don't know how he's still alive. He just doesn't want to eat anything.

Oh well, best get on, doubt I shall be on chat tomorrow either, because of X Factor Semi, and Strictly Come Dancing etc, but maybe will make it on Sunday.

Here's a couple of photos I took with the Nokia camera round the park, takes a nice piccy I think, comparable on the net anyway with those from my proper camera, but haven't printed any to see yet.

Yesterday at Carmarthen

Llandysul park today


oldcrow61 said...

Makes me sad to hear that Diddy is not doing well and little Emma with the stomach problems. I love the last picture of her. What a cutie! Hope you have a great time tonight at the Christmas do.

Anonymous said...

How about bringing dear diddy in the house and giving him chinese food? Maybe emma might like some as well.

Anonymous said...

You might consider sending your ma something from Victoria's Secret like a sexy bra and underpants. Maybe she'd like some mince pies as well.

Pete said...

poor little emma. still looks good tho