Saturday, 1 December 2007

1st December already!

Another week gone by and very little achieved! Weather as usual first in my thoughts, been pretty awful, it was mild for a few days and very grey, then it turned cold, then it rained. And rained. And rained a bit more. Today I was going to face the crush and go and try and get some inspiration for Christmas presents, but it was peeing down and blowing a gale first thing so I decided against it. Instead, it cleared a bit about 12 ish, so I thought I'd take Emma to the seaside, we didn't get to go out at all yesterday. Ho ho, what a mistake. Well no, not strictly true as we got a walk and some fresh (very) sea air. The tide was right in, and my god it was blowing, the waves were coming right over the wall, the boats in the harbour were getting thrashed around, glad I wasn't out on the sea in it, was making me feel sick just looking!

Anyway took some photos, not as spectacular as actually seeing the spray going 20 feet into the air but still.

So what else this week? Well the first thing that comes to mind - and don't read this bit if you are eating or will be eating soon - I wormed Emma on Wednesday afternoon. No, thats not the bad bit. That came later at 10.30 pm. I wondered why she hadn't been to ask to go out at 9 oclock like normal, opened the living room door to find her in the hall, surrounded by two huge piles of spew. All she had eaten all day by the looks of it. After scolding her for not letting me know she wanted to go out, and clearing it up, she then presented me with another two piles, then another, I made her go outside for the last ones. In an hour and a half, she threw up every ten minutes till there was nothing left. I won't describe in detail however, will spare you that at least. She was so poorly, I was going to phone the vets if she did any more. She didn't want to come to bed, so I put her beanbag on the kitchen floor and turned off the light, went to bed myself (then midnight) Of course, I laid there expecting her to come scratching at the door so couldn't sleep, it didn't feel right without her in the room. Next thing I could hear her vomitting again. Oh I forgot the diarrhea. Luckily that was outside, twice. I had to clean her up though. Isn't it fun having pets? After that last puke though, it seemed she was okay, and we managed to get some sleep.

She hasn't really been herself until today, was sick, just a little bit yesterday, and hasn't wanted her choccies or treat biscuits, very unusual for her, but today is back to her normal piggy self thank goodness.

Other than that, not much to report, can't really remember what I've done though, only watched tv and messed around on the laptop, had some more problems with that again, lost some of my graphics so I couldn't view icons etc, but think I've sorted that out now.

Had a nice surprise on Thursday night at the wind farm meeting, Helen came rushing over when I arrived with a beautiful crocheted throw she had made me, double bed size, to thank me for doing her dvds for her (I copied the ones of her and her son's parachute jump and all the photos) It must have taken her hours to make, how lovely. It will be too hot for me on the bed but it looks great on the sofa, especially as it's beige, so right colour for the room.

Well that's about it for now, all my telly stuff to watch tonight as usual, loving the X Factor, and Rhydian Roberts in particular.


Janine said...

That sea looks angry. Glad emma is doing better now!

Pete said...

pleased Emma is feeling better bless her.

dramatic pics

Anonymous said...

poor baby. so glad emma is over that lousey medicine. hope all the worms are dead. Fantastic photographs

Mary said...

Poor little Emma, I hope she is better now. The sea shots look good

oldcrow61 said...

Aww, poor little Emma. What a time of it she had and you as well by the sound of it, lol. Happy to hear that she is all over it now. Great pictures.

Karen said...

What wormer did you use? I know Lopatol always used to make mine sick but I didn't think that was used anymore. Mine have Drontal plus and touch wood are ok on that. Poor little Emma, I glad she is better.
Great stormy sea pics, I love it like that but scary too.

Jan said...

Karen the wormer was a Pedigree chum brand one containing Fenbendazole, which is the same as Panacur. I know I've bought over the counter wormers for her before and it's disagreed with her too, but I thought as this was the same as a vets one, it would be ok.