Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Still cold

Another freezing cold day, but beautiful blue skies and unbroken sunshine. I decided to go the petfood warehouse that I've not been to in ages, and buy a 13kilo sack of sunflower hearts, as they work out cheaper than keep buying the small bags. So I set off, taking a picnic lunch with me (low cal of course...) Needed a couple of other bits too. Of course, he didn't have any, so I ended up buying 3 x 1 kilo bags which was dearer than I'd been buying them from Wilkinsons for months anyway. I was going to walk Emma along the river and have my picnic down there, but decided it would be lovely to go to the beach, we've not been for ages, only a few miles further on.

So I got to Aberporth, and of course, the tide was in (as always) Still, there's lots of sand anyway, and Emma had a great time, huffing round like a two year old. It was freezing cold but it didn't stop her going in the water. The last photo below has white patches on it, that was frost and ice at 2pm!

Came back and booked my car in for Thursday with Brian, the heater is so crap I was frozen in the car as well as out, needed a blanket wrapped round me. He's going to change the thermostat to see if that helps, but I don't think it will. I wouldn't be that lucky, it will probably mean a major job clearing out the heater rad which means taking half the car apart by the sounds of it, but I can't drive like that for the rest of the winter, will be useless if the screen freezes up inside (has been known)

Taking Eileen shopping tomorrow, we are going early, hoping to get parked up in town, her husband is hopefully coming home on Thursday.

Called in at the vets to pay my bill, hoping to catch a glimpse of you-know-who, but no luck, sigh. Oh well, roll on Valentines day..... ;o)


silvanah said...

Hola! Yo vivo en un lugar donde hace mucho calor, cerca del monte.Me gustaron mucho las fotos y me dieron algo de frío ja! besos

Jan said...

Hola, las gracias por mirar mi blog, alegres tienes gusto de las fotos, Feliz Navidad!

Jan said...

Bet you lot didn't know I can speak Spanish eh? ;o)

Pete said...

i can live with the cold if its dry and sunny

oldcrow61 said...

oooooooh, aren't you the clever one, speaking Spanish, lol. Ahem..now about the lovely Damien and Valentines Day. Does this mean that he's going to get a card or maybe something more...tut,tut! Only talking about a hug and a kiss, mind you. Ha, ha. Great pictures btw. That dear little doggie sure loves the water.