Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Busy day today

Left for town with Eileen at 9am to try and get a parking space, only just made it too! We hit Marks & Spencer food department (well she did, I didn't really need anything from there) Then we went up to Morrisons, had a coffee and did the big shop. Hopefully that's it now, I should have enough veggies and stuff to last till after Boxing Day, if not will have to do without! Actually, it wasn't too packed, but I'm sure it will be a nightmare from the weekend onwards down there, to be avoided at all costs. Eileen insisted on buying me something for Christmas, so I ended up with a lovely pink scarf and matching gloves, plus two slices of Lemon Cheesecake, (ooops) and a bag of clementines! Lovely of her though.

Came back, quick bite to eat, then set off for Pats. She is away all week, and I offered to go over and do all her bird feeders etc in the garden. There were a few with some peanuts in, but no bird seed or fat balls of course, so having stocked them all up and put loads of seeds out on the three tables and in a couple of hanging feeders too, I took Emma over the Dingles woods. It seemed strange to be there without Pat and Ben, but it was breathtaking down there today. Everywhere was frosted and iced up, I thought it maybe a bit muddy, but the ground was frozen solid. Beautiful day again though, but a tad chilly to say the least! Can you believe it's like minus 3c, and Emma still went in the water and sat down?!

Had a quick cuppa before making my way back, I didn't want to leave it too late because the lanes were lethal, no grit lorries go that way, and some stretches were just a sheet of ice, did a couple of slides round corners, which was a bit hair raising, (there were plenty of "oh shiiiitssss" in the car I can tell you!)

Left my car up at Brian's on the way home, to save me going out in the freezing cold first thing again. Only hope the new thermostat will fix the heater a bit, but as I've said, have my doubts.


oldcrow61 said...

Doesn't the frost make everything look magical. Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Its really amazing that Emma goes in the water when its obviously freezing cold because the frost is very visible on the ground. What a brave dog!

Karen said...

I love the frosty weather it makes everything look so pretty.
I've just recently started feeding the birds again, after a break of a few years but apart from a couple of days when i saw a robin, a couple of blue tits, great tits & chaffinch, they are not coming to any of my feeders. Any ideas Jan, on how to entice them in. I have a seed feeder with mixed seeds, a round peanut feeder and a table with a fat block (with seeds and insects). Oh, and I've put a large handful of sunflower hearts on the table too.