Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Boxing Day

Well I had a marvellous day yesterday with my friends Kate and Terence and T's sister-in-law Gilly and her son Marco. I felt completely comfortable, had some great food, great company, and lots of nice pressies, from them, and my mum and other friends. Emma didn't get abandoned for too long, as Terence suggested I come and get her and walk her with their dogs. It's handy them only being 5 minutes away.

The plan was that I would be doing the farm from this evening until Saturday night, as they were going away to visit Terence's mum and dad. However, Kate has been poorly, I don't know how she coped yesterday really, with all that cooking and organising. She has the cold from hell, caught from her granddaughter over last weekend. She has only just recovered from an awful virus which put her in bed for a week, so the cold has caught her before she had built herself back up. Apparently last night she coughed so bad she was sick. So this morning she phoned me to say she had stayed at home, and Terence had just gone to visit some other relations just for the day. She was feeling so ill though she asked if I would still come up this afternoon and walk the dogs. I said of course, so that's what I did. Was glad to as well, was bored out of my brains all day pacing from room to room trying to think of something to do. I refuse to sit and watch tv in the daytime, it just doesn't seem right at my age, and I can't settle and relax anyway.

Anyways, in the end I went up about 3 oclock, couldn't go any earlier as it was too early for the dogs to have their evening meal otherwise. Fed the cats, walked the dogs and fed them (with Emma), fed the ewes with their mix, and then the rams, (they didn't need any hay this evening) and did all the bird feeders. Kate was really grateful, but she did look ill and was going to bed as I left. Hope she will be okay. :(

If she feels better, they are going next week instead so I shall still have my time up there then, thank goodness. Hope the weather holds out though, it was lovely today, turned really mild, and we had a bit of blue sky and faint wintry sun (yesterday was fantastic btw)

Came home and Mike and Chris from across the road had just come back from doing the horses, and they gave me a big box of Cadbury's Roses! Oh no, how could I refuse? I told everyone else not to get me any sweets for Christmas because of the diet, but I was feeling a bit miserable not to have any goodies last night (although I came home armed with half of a huge Christmas pudd from Kates, and an enormous blob of brandy butter - they insisted, as they were not going to be there, and Kate doesn't eat sweet stuff anyway, lucky her! ) I just had half of it tonight for my pudding, warms up a treat for 30secs in the microwave.

Oh well, best try and find something to watch on the telly then, can't say as I can see anything that particularly appeals tonight though.

Dogs on the walk up the field

Feeding the rams, awww, they like their heads tickled.


oldcrow61 said...

Sounds like you had quite a day and that pudding with the brandy butter...yum. Great that Emma got to go for a walk with the other dogs. The rams are lovely. I'd love to be looking after it all like you're doing.

Toffeeapple said...

Hi there! Just read your comment on Dean's blog and had to find out where you were and it is Wales, my home country! I was born in Llanffrechfa and lived in Abertillery and Crumlin until I was about 18 then moved to Middlesex then Buckinghamshire.

Loved you pictures, quite makes me homesick...

Janine said...

Youve been so good with your diet, its alright to indulge a little. Love to see pics from the farm.