Monday, 17 December 2007

Brrrrrrr cold cold cold!

Coldest night so far last night, minus 5c recorded on the thermo by my back door. Water stayed frozen all day, even though the sun felt warmish on my back when I was outside worm hunting with Diddy. Saw the Red Kite overhead, quite low, against the beautiful blue sky, but of course, by the time I'd run in and grabbed the camera, he was about a thousand feet up! Still, undeterred, I took the opportunity of snapping some of the other birds around. I've got three robins squabbling around, also three pairs of blackbirds, one of which is my Jake, he's still going strong (the one with the broken foot) There's also a male with a white patch on his head, so is probably related to the missing White Cheek that used to come here. The robins are plaguing me, every time I step outside the door they are appearing from all directions waiting for a mealworm or two.

Rang Kate up and took Emma up the farm for walk with her and the two dogs, it was blowing a bloody gale up there, couldn't believe it, not a breath of wind down here, it's a lot higher, never realised how different it could be 2 miles away, and I'm sheltered here from the north easterlies. Terence lent me his woolly hat! It was okay in the field though, just going up the lane was a bit bracing! Had a good old chat over a coffee and a piece of home made chocolate cake - shriek, well how could I refuse when it was thrust in front of me??? Good job I was way down on the calorie allowance yesterday!

Blue tits on the porch feeder

Robin on the bird table

Starlings waiting for me to go in

Kite is up there somewhere!

Two robins call a truce for a moment


Jake again, clearly showing his broken foot.

Male and Female Blackbird (not Jake) and Starling

Sheep in the field next to the garden.


oldcrow61 said...

Loved looking at the pictures. omg, Is that flowers still in bloom in the first picture? I really like that, not sure if it's a bird bath or seat, in the second last picture with the blackbirds and starling. I want one, lol.

Jan said...
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Jan said...

I wish they would let you edit a post when you've made a cock up, instead you have to delete the whole thing and then it looks all sinister! Anyhow, what I said was - (except I've altered the typo)

Jan said...
It's a concrete bird bath oc, the top lifts off, very heavy though. It's frozen solid of course at present, and without using a kangol on it, it's likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future!

There are two cyclamen in bloom on the left of the porch picture (the white and purple flowers) The yellow one on the right is a plastic chrysanthemum!

Karen said...

Lots of super pics.