Saturday, 29 December 2007

Just a quickie

The weather has been awful, raging gales, torrential rain, lost a fence panel from the back, completely disintingrated, so now have a lovely view of the neighbour's living room (and vice versa) Won't be able to get a replacement for at least a week as the builders merchants are shut! I need to replace 4 panels really, so may as well order them all I suppose, will have to try and find someone to help me put them up and dispose of the old ones.

Kate phoned this morning, she is feeling better, they are now going on Monday, so I've got the farm for three days, hope the weather is okay, I was horrified to see some were saying we've got snow for next week, god I hope not, it will be impossible to get there, not to mention them getting back!

Got a bad leg, been giving me a lot of problems, will have to go to the doctors next week, don't think they are open till Wednesday either, I hate this time of the year when everything comes to a standstill because of a couple of days holiday, everywhere is shut for 10 bloody days!

And finally, something that amused me earlier, Emma was fast asleep on the floor down the side of the sofa, and had no idea Diddy Boy had snuck up on her, I only had time to grab the Nokia camera, so shots are not brilliant, but her face was a picture when she woke up! He doesn't try and get her now though, poor old fella hasn't got an ounce of malice left in him, I can do anything to him without any protest now. He keeps wanting me to fuss him, awwww.


Anonymous said...

that is funny. Emma is sweet not to get really annoyed.

Pete said...

her face in the second is superb

"Mum how could you!!"

oldcrow61 said...

lol, I think you have a couple of characters there.