Sunday, 25 November 2007

Crazy weather again

So yesterday it was -7c here at 8am, the water drinkers in my birdy shed was frozen solid still at 11am, poor little devils. I cleaned up the oil filled rad, ready to put on last night for them, to hell with the expense (it costs about £1 a night to run, but I can't be that mean, some of those boys out there are 16 years old, OAPs nearly in Cockatiel years) I re-set the timer for it to come on at 5pm. Then the weather changed and we had rain, and cloud and it became mild, typical. So I ended up turning it off when I went to close up the shed at 4.30. This morning it was in the low 60s fahrenheit, around 16c! I was outside doing stuff (including cleaning the aviary out, yay!) in a T-shirt! Now it's raining again, but I'd rather that than being so damned cold. It was freezing in here, I have been huddled in several layers of jumpers and fleeces a couple of nights this week. God how I hate these bloody storage heaters, they wake me up in the night because it's so bloody hot, and then by 7pm when you want to be cosied up watching tv, it's like an oversized fridge. I think I shall have another go at the Council and see what happens. Why the hell should I be the only one round here who has to put up with these antiquated wasteful damn things??? Grrrr.

Other than that, not a lot to report really. Oh yeah, my car, well it's only just started these past two days, in fact yesterday, I thought it was going to be a walk round the village with Emma cos it wasn't having any - battery flat as a pancake. It just managed to fire up, and of course I did about a 10 mile round trip and forgot all about it. Then again today, that horrible sound of it just about turning over, thankfully it fired up okay. So when I got home I thought I'd take a quick look, with batteries it could be the fact that it's knackered, no idea how old it is, or it could be the alternator not charging or maybe something draining it. Well it was pretty obvious instantly, the negative wire and terminal was so loose I could just lift it off! Plus I then looked in the holes, and there is not a single drop of fluid to be seen. Oooops. Well good job it's going up to Brian's tomorrow to sort the heater out, which also isn't working too well. I detect another hefty bill on the way. Can't be without a car here though so can't be helped.


Anonymous said...

Hope the car get all sorted out.

Mary said...

What would we do without our crazy weather to talk about. yesterday was beautiful here but today it is damp and miserable.

Anonymous said...

There is a cable to my battery that comes loose every now and again and I have a special tool to tighten it down so I can start the car.