Saturday, 24 February 2007

What a boring week

Well I've not bothered to blog this week, because I haven't done anything in the least bit interesting to me, let alone anyone else. The weather has been crap, rain, rain and more rain. I've been to my friend Irene's for lunch one day, she came here on another, and yesterday we went food shopping. That's about it. Taken Emma out only to the park today because whoopee, it actually stopped raining for about an hour. Everywhere is a horrible squelchy mess. I've got sick birds everywhere, the hen siskin I posted about on the bird forum was just the tip of the ice berg. Two more female chaffinches have snuffed it today, found one dead on the grass, and the other I picked up alive, and she died in my hands within a few minutes. There's a male too, nearly managed to catch him, but he had enough strength to fly into the tree, so I gave up, else I would have ended up on my arse in the sludge. The collared dove was here late too, so he's survived another day. Really pissed off about it.

Only good news for the week is that I got delivery of my new (well 2nd hand) D-Link wireless router/modem, which was easy peasy to set up thanks to the bloke I bought it off, who left explicit instructions for me. And I now have no problem with my broadband being disconnected at all. And I can use my new phone again that was cutting off my connection about every 30 minutes. It must have some kind of pulse in it that the other router didn't like. So thats a great relief, and I have now applied for the free upgrade to MaxDSL, up to 8MB, that's going ahead this week, so I am expecting some hassle as it can cause slow speeds and disconnects for up to 10 days till it settles down. We shall see.

I was good today and made myself clean my aviary out, how I hate that job, well not the job, but the pain it causes. At least I did something useful.


oldcrow61 said...

Aw Jan, so sorry to hear about all the birds. I'd be so sick and sad about it myself. Hope things improve with them. btw, I sent off a package to you a week ago, for your b-day. Hope you get it in time.

Boo said...

YAY! No more getting disconnected.

Sorry to hear about the sick birdies Jan, it must be heartbreaking for you.


Jan said...

Oh thanks OC, how lovely of you, but you shouldn't have! It's not arrived yet, ooh I'm excited now.