Saturday, 3 February 2007

The Bed!

Anyone remember this from last year -

"Next exciting news - I just bought a new bed, well the bottom frame - from eBay. I've been looking through the lists of them on there for days until I am boggle eyed, and I've also been and pestered every bed shop in town. Nobody could give me exactly what I wanted, so I've had to compromise. I needed something low (cos poor old Emma is struggling sometimes to get up on mine, even though I chopped the divan base in half, hence my now being pissed off with it, I want to move the damn thing, and I can't because it's bodged up on blocks) I needed something with a sprung base, cos I can't sleep on a hard bed, I have a very good and expensive mattress though, and I needed something modern looking but without a high footboard, because I am tall, and my feet hang over the end of the bed, and a footboard would drive me mad, I tested some out in the shops, I would be waking up all the time cos I couldn't stretch out. So I bought this one -

It has sprung beech slats apparently. It still won't be as soft as my currently sprung divan base, but I ought to get used to a slightly harder one anyway because of my back. Hope it comes soon, can't wait to get all the crap out from under the other one, and have a good old clean under, and chuck the old base out!"

Well, that was August. Since that time, I've been kidding myself that this instrument of torture was better for me. Well, no more. I finally gave up after 6 months of agony, waking up aching all over. I bought a 2nd-hand mattress yesterday, just a thin, cheapy one to put under my decent one to make it softer. Last night it was sheer bliss. This morning I woke up for the first time without walking like Frankenstein's monster, not all stiff and achy. The trouble is that the bed was now 6 inches higher, and poor Emma couldn't get up on it last night. I thought I'd see how she got on, and she made about 5 attempts to jump up, and one time fell back and landed on her side. This morning, she was limping. :( I was worried sick in the night too, and woke several times incase she had got off and would hurt herself trying to get back up, so although it was a comfortable night, it wasn't a restful one. So when I got back from Cilgerran, I had to take all the stuff off, and I hack-sawed another 4 inches off the legs! I can just about get all my stuff under it again, and at least it's now only two inches higher than it was for her, so am hoping that will solve the problem. The frame is now only 3 inches off the floor. But here comes the funny bit. Well I thought so anyway. Ever since I've had that bed, it felt like it was going up in the middle, I thought it was cos the mattress had sunk a bit my side. Then I thought the pine slats had gone down, and I recently swopped them all from the other side. Then I turned my mattress over, Still felt like I was leaning uphill. So when I measured for sawing, I discovered that the 3 metal support feet that are down the middle of the bed were over an inch higher than the four legs! So it wasn't my imagination, I had obviously not measured them properly when I sawed the legs down in the first place, and all this time, I had been fighting my way up the slope and trying not to fall out of the side! Hahaha, silly cow. (I got it right this time.) :o)


nicola said...

sorry jan, but that made me laugh!!! Not just me that does that kind of thing then

nicola said...

sorry jan, but that made me laugh!!! Not just me that does that kind of thing then

oldcrow61 said...

lol, that was so funny. Glad you got it sorted though.

Boo said...

Had me in stitches too! Shame about Emma limping though.

mydogbrandy said...

The last bit made me laugh. Sorry about Emma limping though. Brandy used to jump on and off my bed too but about 3-4 years ago, I stopped her doing that and now I carry her off and on as she has got a bad hind leg (it's the knee) but she's a little dog and I can manage her without much of a strain. I was wondering whether a little platform or hard cushions could be placed beside your bed so that Emma could get on and off more easily. I was thinking along the lines of those bed steps that were used to allow people to get into those huge high beds of long ago.