Sunday, 18 February 2007

Nice day out

I received a text from Christine on Friday night (my ex's partner) Trouble is, because I had left my phone in the bedroom on charge, I didn't see it till nearly midnight when I went to bed. It was asking if I wanted to meet up with them on Sunday at the carboot sale. I thought I'd better not ring back then, a bit late! So Saturday morning, I rang their home, no answer. So then I rang her mobile, voice mail. Then I noticed that the number I'd got the text from was a different one to the number I had stored so rang that. Voice mail. I repeated the above exercise at teatime with the same result all round, then finally got her later in the evening. Turns out they had already gone away in the camper, and depending on where they were, the mobiles weren't receiving signals. Anyhow, got there in the end, and met up with them this morning at 10 oclock. Had an hour or so round the carboot, walked the dogs round the Showground field, then we went onto Ferryside for lunch (yep, fish and chips) walked the dogs on the beach (well it's estuary), had lots of cups of coffee, laughs and a good old chinwag, and I finally got home about 4oclock.

It was nice to do something for a change on a Sunday. The weather was great this morning, clouded up a bit this afternoon, but still very pleasant for February. The worst bit about spending time with them, as I've said before, is the ciggies, but there is no way on earth I would ever say, because they would never ask me again I know, so I just have to grin and bear it (well cough more like, one time I really couldn't stop, it's being in the confined space in their camper, I'm okay outside) I had to stick all my clothes in the wash and have a shower when I came back, but it's a small price to pay for a nice day and some good company.

Christine gave me a lovely spray of 6 red roses when I left too, which was a nice surprise, first time I've been given flowers in a few years!

Emma now shattered, being awake for so long, not so much the walks as they were short in comparison to what she normally gets.


Pete said...

i have a feeling Emma could find a puddle in a drought!

oldcrow61 said...

Sounds like you had a great day and there's Emma in the water again. My how she loves the water.

nicola said...

pleased you had a nice day oot jan, you really deserve it mate

mydogbrandy said...

Glad you had a nice day with friends and pleasant weather.